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Package perl-Perl-PrereqScanner-NotQuiteLite

A tool to scan your Perl code for its prerequisites


Perl::PrereqScanner::NotQuiteLite is yet another prerequisites scanner. It
passes almost all the scanning tests for Perl::PrereqScanner and
Module::ExtractUse (i.e. except for a few dubious ones), and runs slightly
faster than PPI-based Perl::PrereqScanner. However, it doesn't run as fast as
Perl::PrereqScanner::Lite (which uses an XS lexer).

Perl::PrereqScanner::NotQuiteLite also recognizes eval. Prerequisites in eval
are not considered as requirements, but you can collect them as suggestions.

Conditional requirements or requirements loaded in a block are treated as
recommends. No-ed modules are stored separately (since 0.94). You may or may
not need to merge them into requires.

Version: 0.9917

See also: perl-Perl-PrereqScanner.

General Commands

scan-perl-prereqs-nqlite scan-perl-prereqs-nqlite