Package perl-Panotools-Script

Library for manipulating Hugin .pto files

Library and utilities for manipulating project files created by the Hugin photo
stitching software.

General Commands
Command Description
cubic2erect Utility to convert six cube faces to equirectangular
enblend-mask Wrapper around enblend for managing external masks
enblend-svg Wrapper around enblend for blending SVG layers
enfuse-mask Wrapper around enfuse for managing external masks
entile create a tiled image pyramid
erect2cubic creates a hugin .pto file for converting equirectangular to cubic
erect2mercator Extract a mercator projection from an equirectangular image
erect2planet Extract a stereographic 'little planet' from an equirectangular image
erect2qtvr Assemble a Quicktime QTVR file from an equirectangular image
gigastart assemble multi-row panoramas
gigatile stitch a Hugin project as multi-resolution tiles
gmaptemplate HTML template for viewing tiled images with the Google Map API
jpeg2qtvr Assemble Quicktime QTVR files from JPEG cubefaces
lens-submit collect lens and EXIF data
match-n-shift generate a Hugin .pto project from a list of photos
nona-mask Wrapper around nona for managing external masks
nona-svg stitch a vector panorama image
pafextract render panoglview .paf projects
panostart identify likely panorama sequences
process-masks Preprocessor for enblend masks
pto2gpano set XMP GPano metadata in a JPEG panorama
pto2mk2 Create a Makefile for stitching
ptoanchor add control points to a Hugin project
ptobind Join the ends of linked photos in a Hugin project
ptocentre centre images in a panorama
ptochain add control points to a Hugin project between consecutive photos
ptoclean prune improbable control points
ptodouble rescale a panorama project
ptodummy create missing input photos
ptofill add control points to a Hugin project between likely overlapping photos
ptoget query a pto project
ptohalve rescale a panorama project
ptoinfo Prints human readable reports for .pto files
ptomerge merges pto projects
ptomorph Distort photos before stitching
ptopath removes absolute paths from .pto projects
ptoreset reset photometric parameters in a .pto file
ptoset change settings in a pto project
ptosort sort pto files with variable criteria
ptosplit extracts a subset pto project
ptovariable prepare a pto project for typical optimisation tasks
qtvr2erect Utility to convert a QTVR file to equirectangular
tif2svg generates an SVG file from hugin 'multiple TIFF' output
transform-pano Apply a numerical rotational translation to a hugin pto file