Package perl-App-PFT

Hacker friendly static blog generator

PFT stands for *Plain F. Text*, where the meaning of *F.* is up to
personal interpretation. Like *Fancy* or *Fantastic*.

It is yet another static website generator. This means your content is
compiled once and the result can be served by a simple HTTP server,
without need of server-side dynamic content generation.

Version: 1.4.1

General Commands

pft Hacker friendly static blog generator
pft-clean Clean the build directory
pft-edit Edit an entry
pft-gen-rss Generate a Feed RSS for the website
pft-grab Grab a file as attachment or picture
pft-init Initialize a PFT Site
pft-ls List objects in your PFT site
pft-make Build the PFT website
pft-pub Publish content
pft-show Show the built site