Package perf

Performance monitoring for the Linux kernel

This package contains the perf tool, which enables performance monitoring
of the Linux kernel.

Version: 6.9.0

General Commands

perf Performance analysis tools for Linux
perf-annotate Read (created by perf record) and display annotated code
perf-archive Create archive with object files with build-ids found in file
perf-arm-spe Support for Arm Statistical Profiling Extension within Perf tools
perf-bench General framework for benchmark suites
perf-buildid-cache Manage build-id cache.
perf-buildid-list List the buildids in a file
perf-c2c Shared Data C2C/HITM Analyzer.
perf-config Get and set variables in a configuration file.
perf-daemon Run record sessions on background
perf-data Data file related processing
perf-diff Read files and display the differential profile
perf-dlfilter Filter sample events using a dynamically loaded shared object file
perf-evlist List the event names in a file
perf-ftrace simple wrapper for kernel's ftrace functionality
perf-help display help information about perf
perf-inject Filter to augment the events stream with additional information
perf-intel-pt Support for Intel Processor Trace within perf tools
perf-iostat Show I/O performance metrics
perf-kallsyms Searches running kernel for symbols
perf-kmem Tool to trace/measure kernel memory properties
perf-kvm Tool to trace/measure kvm guest os
perf-kwork Tool to trace/measure kernel work properties (latencies)
perf-list List all symbolic event types
perf-lock Analyze lock events
perf-mem Profile memory accesses
perf-probe Define new dynamic tracepoints
perf-record Run a command and record its profile into
perf-report Read (created by perf record) and display the profile
perf-sched Tool to trace/measure scheduler properties (latencies)
perf-script Read (created by perf record) and display trace output
perf-script-perl Process trace data with a Perl script
perf-script-python Process trace data with a Python script
perf-stat Run a command and gather performance counter statistics
perf-test Runs sanity tests.
perf-timechart Tool to visualize total system behavior during a workload
perf-top System profiling tool.
perf-trace strace inspired tool
perf-version display the version of perf binary