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Package pcp-doc

Documentation and tutorial for the Performance Co-Pilot


Documentation and tutorial for the Performance Co-Pilot
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) provides a framework and services to support
system-level performance monitoring and performance management.

The pcp-doc package provides useful information on using and
configuring the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) toolkit for system
level performance management. It includes tutorials, HOWTOs,
and other detailed documentation about the internals of core
PCP utilities and daemons, and the PCP graphical tools.

Version: 6.2.2

General Commands

KERNEL_PMDAS operating system kernel performance metrics domain agents
PCPCompat backward-compatibility in the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
PCPIntro introduction to the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP)
PCP_KUBE_PODS list Kubernetes pods to scan for running PCP services
chkhelp check performance metrics help text files
collectl2pcp import collectl data to a PCP archive
dbpmda debugger for Performance Co-Pilot PMDAs
dbprobe database response time and availability information
dstat alias for pcp-dstat
fBpcp-buddyinfofP Report statistics for buddy algorithm shown in cat /proc/buddyinfo
fBpcp-slabinfofP Report statistics for kernel slab allocator statistics
find-filter fine-grained file selection based on time attributes
ganglia2pcp import ganglia data and create a PCP archive
genload alias for pmdatxmon
genpmda Performance Co-Pilot PMDA Generator
indomcachectl manage instance domain cache files
iostat2pcp import iostat data and create a PCP archive
mkaf create a Performance Co-Pilot archive folio
mrtg2pcp import MRTG data and create a PCP archive
newhelp generate a performance metrics help database
pcp run a command or summarize an installation
pcp-atop Advanced System and Process Monitor
pcp-atopsar Advanced System Activity Report (pcp-atop related)
pcp-collectl alias for PCPCompat
pcp-dmcache report on logical storage device caches
pcp-dstat versatile tool for generating system resource statistics
pcp-free report on free and used memory in the system
pcp-geolocate discover collector system geographical labels
pcp-htop interactive process viewer
pcp-iostat alias for pmiostat
pcp-ipcs provide information on IPC facilities
pcp-kube-pods alias for PCP_KUBE_PODS
pcp-lvmcache alias for pcp-dmcache
pcp-meminfo Report statistics for System Memory.
pcp-mpstat Report CPU and interrupt related statistics.
pcp-netstat Report statistics for different network protocols and network interfaces.
pcp-numastat report on NUMA memory allocation
pcp-pidstat Report statistics for Linux tasks.
pcp-ps Report statistics for Linux Process.
pcp-python run a python script using a preferred python variant
pcp-reboot-init Performance Co-Pilot helper script after system reboot
pcp-shping report on shell service availability and response
pcp-ss report socket statistics
pcp-summary alias for pcp
pcp-tapestat report tape I/O statistics
pcp-uptime tell how long the system has been running
pcp-verify verify aspects of a PCP installation
pcp-vmstat high-level system performance overview
pcp-zoneinfo Report NUMA zone statistics
pcp2arrow pcp-to-arrow metrics exporter
pcp2elasticsearch pcp-to-elasticsearch metrics exporter
pcp2graphite pcp-to-graphite metrics exporter
pcp2influxdb pcp-to-influxdb metrics exporter
pcp2json pcp-to-json metrics exporter
pcp2openmetrics pcp-to-openmetrics exporter
pcp2spark pcp-to-spark metrics exporter
pcp2xlsx pcp-to-xlsx metrics exporter
pcp2xml pcp-to-xml metrics exporter
pcp2zabbix pcp-to-zabbix metrics exporter
perfalloc notify pmdaperfevent(1) to disable hardware counter allocation.
pmafm Performance Co-Pilot archive folio manager
pmcd performance metrics collector daemon
pmcd_wait wait for PMCD to accept client connections
pmchart strip chart tool for Performance Co-Pilot
pmcheck manage the configuration of optional PCP components
pmclient a simple performance metrics client
pmclient_fg alias for pmclient
pmconfig Performance Co-Pilot configuration parameters
pmconfirm general purpose dialog box
pmcpp simple preprocessor for the Performance Co-Pilot
pmdaactivemq ActiveMQ performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaaix alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdaapache Apache2 web server performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdabash Bourne-Again SHell trace performance metrics domain agent
pmdabcc BCC PMDA
pmdabind2 BIND performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdabonding Linux bonded interface performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdabpf eBPF PMDA
pmdabpftrace bpftrace PMDA
pmdacifs Common Internet Filesystem (CIFS) PMDA
pmdacisco Cisco router performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdadarwin alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdadbping database response time and availability PMDA
pmdadenki metrics related to the systems electrical consumption
pmdadm Device Mapper PMDA
pmdadocker docker performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdads389 389 Directory Server PMDA
pmdads389log 389 Directory Server Log PMDA
pmdaelasticsearch elasticsearch performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdafarm Seagate FARM Log PMDA
pmdafreebsd alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdagfs2 Global Filesystem v2 (GFS2) PMDA
pmdagluster Gluster Filesystem PMDA
pmdagpfs gpfs filesystem statistics performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdagpsd gpsd performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdahacluster High Availability Cluster PMDA
pmdahaproxy HAProxy PMDA
pmdaib Infiniband performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdajbd2 journal block device (JBD) performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdajson JSON PMDA
pmdakvm Linux virtualization performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdalibvirt libvirt PMDA
pmdalinux alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdalio Linux LIO subsystem PMDA
pmdalmsensors Linux hardware monitoring performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdalogger log file performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdalustre lustre filesystem statistics performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdalustrecomm Lustre filesystem comms performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdamailq mail queue performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdamemcache memcached performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdamic MIC card PMDA
pmdammv memory mapped values performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdamongodb MongoDB database metrics
pmdamounts filesystem mounts performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdamssql Microsoft SQL Server database PMDA
pmdamysql MySQL and MariaDB database PMDA
pmdanamed BIND (named) PMDA
pmdanetbsd alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdanetcheck netcheck PMDA
pmdanetfilter Linux netfilter IP connection tracking performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdanews sample Usenet news performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdanfsclient NFS client statistics performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdanginx nginx performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdanutcracker NutCracker performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdanvidia nvidia gpu metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaopenmetrics OpenMetrics PMDA
pmdaopenvswitch OpenvSwitch PMDA
pmdaoracle Oracle database PMDA
pmdaoverhead performance metrics domain agent (PMDA) exporting resource consumption metrics for groups of processes
pmdapdns PowerDNS performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaperfevent hardware performance counter performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdapipe command output capture performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdapodman podman container performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdapostfix Postfix performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdapostgresql PostgreSQL database PMDA
pmdaproc process performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdarabbitmq Rabbit Message Queue subsystem PMDA
pmdaredis Redis performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaresctrl resctrl performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaroomtemp room temperature performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaroot a privileged PMCD helper performance metrics domain agent
pmdarsyslog rsyslog (reliable and extended syslog) PMDA
pmdasamba Samba performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdasample sample performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdasendmail sendmail performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdashping "shell-ping" performance metrics domain agent
pmdasimple simple performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaslurm SLURM statistics performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdasmart S.M.A.R.T Data PMDA
pmdasnmp Gateway from SNMP to PCP (PMDA)
pmdasockets sockets statistics PMDA
pmdasolaris alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdastatsd StatsD protocol performance metric domain agent (PMDA)
pmdasummary summary performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdasystemd systemd performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdate display an offset date
pmdatrace application-level transaction performance metrics domain agent
pmdatrivial trivial performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdatxmon txmon performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaunbound Unbound resolver PMDA
pmdauwsgi uwsgi performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdaweblog performance metrics domain agent (PMDA) for Web server logs
pmdawindows alias for KERNEL_PMDAS
pmdaxfs XFS filesystem performance metrics domain agent (PMDA)
pmdazfs ZFS filesystem performance metrics domain agent (PMDA) for Linux
pmdazimbra Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) PMDA
pmdazswap zswap (compressed swap) PMDA
pmdbg report Performance Co-Pilot debug options
pmdiff compares archives and report significant differences
pmdumplog alias for pmlogdump
pmdumptext dump performance metrics to an ASCII table
pmerr translate Performance Co-Pilot error codes into error messages
pmevent alias for pmval
pmfind find PCP services on the network
pmfind_check administration of Performance Co-Pilot discovery
pmgenmap generate C code to simplify handling of performance metrics
pmgetopt Performance Co-Pilot shell script option parser
pmhostname report hostname
pmie inference engine for performance metrics
pmie2col convert pmie output to multi-column format
pmie_check administration of the Performance Co-Pilot inference engine
pmie_daily alias for pmie_check
pmie_dump_stats dump the contents of pmie stats files
pmieconf display and set configurable pmie rule variables
pmiectl manage and control Performance Co-Pilot inference engines
pmiestatus display information from pmie stats file
pminfo display information about performance metrics
pmiostat report block I/O statistics
pmjson Performance Co-Pilot JSON dumping utility
pmlc configure active Performance Co-Pilot pmlogger(s) interactively
pmlock simple file-based mutex
pmlogcheck checks for invalid data in a PCP archive
pmlogconf create/edit a pmlogger configuration file
pmlogctl manage and control Performance Co-Pilot archivers
pmlogdump dump internal details of a performance metrics archive
pmlogextract reduce, extract, concatenate and merge Performance Co-Pilot archives
pmlogger create an archive for performance metrics
pmlogger_check administration of Performance Co-Pilot archive files
pmlogger_daily administration of Performance Co-Pilot archive files
pmlogger_daily_report write Performance Co-Pilot daily summary reports
pmlogger_merge helper script to merge Performance Co-Pilot archives
pmlogger_rewrite helper script to rewrite Performance Co-Pilot archives
pmloglabel check and repair a performance metrics archive label
pmlogmv move (rename) Performance Co-Pilot archive files
pmlogpaste paste text into a metric in a PCP archive
pmlogredact remove sensitive information from PCP archives
pmlogreduce temporal reduction of Performance Co-Pilot archives
pmlogrewrite rewrite Performance Co-Pilot archives
pmlogsize report sizes for parts of PCP archive(s)
pmlogsummary calculate averages of metrics stored in a set of PCP archives
pmmessage alias for pmconfirm
pmmgr alias for PCPCompat
pmnsadd add new names to the Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
pmnsdel delete a subtree of names from the Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
pmnsmerge merge multiple versions of a Performance Co-Pilot PMNS
pmpause portable subsecond-capable sleep
pmpost append messages to the Performance Co-Pilot notice board
pmprobe lightweight probe for performance metrics
pmproxy proxy for performance metrics collector and querying
pmpython run a python script using a preferred python variant
pmquery alias for pmconfirm
pmrep performance metrics reporter
pmrepconf create/edit a pmrep configuration file
pmsearch help text and names search for metrics, instances and instance domains
pmseries display information about performance metric timeseries
pmsignal send a signal to one or more processes
pmsleep alias for pmpause
pmsnap generate performance summary snapshot images
pmsocks shell wrapper for performance monitoring across firewalls
pmstat alias for pcp-vmstat
pmstore modify performance metric values
pmtime time control server for Performance Co-Pilot
pmtrace command line performance instrumentation
pmval arbitrary performance metrics value dumper
pmwebd alias for PCPCompat
runaspcp execute a shell command as the user “pcp”
sar2pcp import sar data and create a PCP archive
telnet-probe lightweight telnet-like port probe
txrecord alias for pmdatxmon

Library Functions

LOGIMPORT introduction to the library for importing data and creating a PCP archive
PCPIntro introduction to the Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) libraries
PMAPI introduction to the Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface
PMAPI_INTERNAL internal details for the Performance Metrics Application Programming Interface
PMDA introduction to the Performance Metrics Domain Agent support library
PMWEBAPI introduction to the Performance Metrics Web Application Programming Interface
PM_FAULT_CHECK alias for pmfault
PM_FAULT_CLEAR alias for pmfault
PM_FAULT_POINT alias for pmfault
PM_FAULT_RETURN alias for pmfault
QMC library for managing groups of Performance Co-Pilot metrics
QmcContext container for a PMAPI context and its metrics
QmcDesc container for a metric description
QmcGroup container representing a single fetch group of metrics from multiple sources
QmcIndom container for a instance domain description
QmcMetric container for a metric and all its values
QmcSource manages contexts created by all groups
__pmAFblock alias for pmAF
__pmAFisempty alias for pmAF
__pmAFregister alias for pmAF
__pmAFsetup alias for pmAF
__pmAFunblock alias for pmAF
__pmAFunregister alias for pmAF
__pmCleanMapDir remove old files from a map directory
__pmConnectLogger connect to a performance metrics logger control port
__pmControlLog enable, disable or enquire about logging of performance metrics
__pmConvertHighResTime alias for __pmConvertTime
__pmConvertTime convert tm structure into seconds
__pmDiscoverServicesWithOptions alias for pmDiscoverServices
__pmEquivInDom check if two instance domains are equivalent
__pmFaultInject alias for pmfault
__pmFaultSummary alias for pmfault
__pmFreeAttrsSpec alias for __pmParseHostAttrsSpec
__pmFreeHostAttrsSpec alias for __pmParseHostAttrsSpec
__pmFreeHostSpec alias for __pmParseHostSpec
__pmFreeProfile free a PMAPI instance profile
__pmLocalPMDA change the table of DSO PMDAs for PM_CONTEXT_LOCAL contexts
__pmLogMetaTypeStr convert an archive metadata record type into a string
__pmLogMetaTypeStr_r alias for __pmLogMetaTypeStr
__pmLogWriteMark append a <mark> record to a PCP archive
__pmMktime convert a tm structure to a calendar time
__pmNotifyThrottle control diagnostic output message `flooding''
__pmOverrideLastFd IPC version infrastructure support
__pmParseCtime convert ctime(3) string to tm structure
__pmParseDebug alias for pmParseDebug
__pmParseHighResTime alias for __pmParseTime
__pmParseHostAttrsSpec host and attributes specification parser
__pmParseHostSpec uniform host specification parser
__pmParseTime parse time point specification
__pmPrintIPC alias for __pmOverrideLastFd
__pmProcessAddArg process execution support
__pmProcessExec alias for __pmProcessAddArg
__pmProcessPipe support for process execution at the end of a pipe
__pmProcessPipeClose alias for __pmProcessPipe
__pmProcessUnpickArgs alias for __pmProcessAddArg
__pmResetIPC alias for __pmOverrideLastFd
__pmResetNotifyThrottle alias for __pmNotifyThrottle
__pmServerNotifyServiceManagerReady notify service start and stop
__pmServerNotifyServiceManagerStopping alias for __pmServerNotifyServiceManagerReady
__pmSetDebugBits alias for pmParseDebug
__pmUnparseHostAttrsSpec alias for __pmParseHostAttrsSpec
__pmUnparseHostSpec alias for __pmParseHostSpec
mmv_inc update a value in a Memory Mapped Value file
mmv_inc_atomvalue alias for mmv_inc
mmv_inc_value alias for mmv_inc
mmv_lookup_value_desc find a value in the Memory Mapped Value file
mmv_set set a value in a Memory Mapped Value file
mmv_set_atomvalue alias for mmv_set
mmv_set_value alias for mmv_set
mmv_stats2_init alias for mmv_stats_init
mmv_stats_init create and initialize Memory Mapped Value file
mmv_stats_registry Initialize the Memory Mapped Value file
mmv_stats_start alias for mmv_stats_registry
mmv_stats_stop alias for mmv_stats_registry
pmAF event queue services for periodic asynchronous callbacks
pmAddDerived register a per-context derived metric name and definition
pmAddDerivedMetric alias for pmAddDerived
pmAddDerivedText add help text for a derived metric
pmAddProfile add instance(s) to the current PMAPI instance profile
pmAtomStr convert a performance metric value into a string
pmAtomStr_r alias for pmAtomStr
pmClearDebug alias for pmSetDebug
pmClearFetchGroup alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmConvScale rescale a performance metric value
pmCreateFetchGroup simplified performance metrics value fetch and conversion
pmCtime format the date and time for a reporting timezone
pmDelProfile delete instance(s) from the current PMAPI instance profile
pmDerivedControl get and set controls for derived metrics
pmDerivedErrStr return error message from failure to parse derived metric definition
pmDestroyContext destroy a PMAPI context
pmDestroyFetchGroup alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmDiscoverClose alias for pmDiscoverSetup
pmDiscoverServices discover PCP services on the network
pmDiscoverSetConfiguration alias for pmDiscoverSetup
pmDiscoverSetEventLoop alias for pmDiscoverSetup
pmDiscoverSetMetricRegistry alias for pmDiscoverSetup
pmDiscoverSetSlots alias for pmDiscoverSetup
pmDiscoverSetup asynchronous archive location and contents discovery services
pmDupContext duplicate a PMAPI context
pmErrStr convert a PMAPI error code into a string
pmErrStr_r alias for pmErrStr
pmEventFlagsStr convert an event record flags value into a string
pmEventFlagsStr_r alias for pmEventFlagsStr
pmExtendFetchGroup_event alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtendFetchGroup_indom alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtendFetchGroup_item alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtendFetchGroup_timespec alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtendFetchGroup_timestamp alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtendFetchGroup_timeval alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmExtractValue extract a performance metric value from a pmResult structure
pmFetch get performance metric values
pmFetchArchive get performance metric values directly from archives
pmFetchGroup alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmFetchHighRes alias for pmFetch
pmFetchHighResArchive alias for pmFetchArchive
pmFreeEventResult release storage allocated for unpacked event records
pmFreeHighResEventResult alias for pmFreeEventResult
pmFreeHighResResult alias for pmFreeResult
pmFreeLabelSets release storage allocated for performance metric labels
pmFreeMetricSpec alias for pmParseMetricSpec
pmFreeOptions alias for pmgetopt_r
pmFreeResult release storage allocated for performance metrics values
pmGetAPIConfig alias for pmGetConfig
pmGetArchiveEnd locate logical end of file for a set of archives
pmGetArchiveLabel fetch the label record from a set of performance metrics archives
pmGetChildren return the descendent nodes of a PMNS node
pmGetChildrenStatus return the descendent nodes of a PMNS node and their respective status
pmGetClusterLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetConfig return values for Performance Co-Pilot configuration variables
pmGetContextHostName alias for pmGetHostName
pmGetContextHostName_r alias for pmGetHostName
pmGetContextLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetContextOptions alias for pmgetopt_r
pmGetDerivedControl alias for pmDerivedControl
pmGetDomainLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetFetchGroupContext alias for pmCreateFetchGroup
pmGetHighResArchiveEnd alias for pmGetArchiveEnd
pmGetHighResArchiveLabel alias for pmGetArchiveLabel
pmGetHostName return the hostname associated with a Performance Co-Pilot context
pmGetInDom get instance identifiers for a performance metrics instance domain
pmGetInDomArchive get instance identifiers for a performance metrics instance domain
pmGetInDomLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetInstancesLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetItemLabels alias for pmLookupLabels
pmGetOptionalConfig alias for pmGetConfig
pmGetOptions alias for pmgetopt_r
pmGetPMNSLocation determine the location of the currently used PMNS
pmGetProgname alias for pmSetProgname
pmGetUsername fetch special PCP username
pmGetVersion fetch installed PCP version number
pmHighResFetch alias for pmFetch
pmIDStr convert a performance metric identifier into a string
pmIDStr_r alias for pmIDStr
pmID_build helper methods for manipulating PMIDs
pmID_cluster alias for pmID_build
pmID_domain alias for pmID_build
pmID_item alias for pmID_build
pmInDomStr convert a performance metric instance domain identifier into a string
pmInDomStr_r alias for pmInDomStr
pmInDom_build helper methods for manipulating instance domain identifiers
pmInDom_domain alias for pmInDom_build
pmInDom_serial alias for pmInDom_build
pmLoadASCIINameSpace establish a local PMNS for an application
pmLoadDerivedConfig load derived metric definitions from files
pmLoadNameSpace load a local PMNS for an application
pmLocaltime convert the date and time for a reporting timezone
pmLookupDesc obtain descriptions for performance metrics
pmLookupDescs alias for pmLookupDesc
pmLookupInDom translate an instance name into an instance identifier
pmLookupInDomArchive translate an instance name into an instance identifier
pmLookupInDomText return text describing a performance metrics instance domain
pmLookupLabels retrieve labels associated with performance metric values
pmLookupName translate performance metric names into PMIDs
pmLookupText return text describing a performance metric
pmMergeLabelSets alias for pmMergeLabels
pmMergeLabels merge sets of performance metric labels
pmNameAll translate a PMID to a set of performance metric names
pmNameID translate a PMID to a performance metric name
pmNameInDom translate an instance identifier into an instance name
pmNameInDomArchive translate an instance identifier into an instance name
pmNewContext establish a new PMAPI context
pmNewContextZone establish a reporting timezone based on a PMAPI context
pmNewZone establish a reporting timezone
pmNoMem report out of memory conditions
pmNotifyErr standard handling of error messages
pmNumberStr fixed width output format for numbers
pmNumberStr_r alias for pmNumberStr
pmOpenLog create a log file for diagnostics and debug output
pmParseDebug manipulate old-style PCP debugging control bit-fields
pmParseHighResInterval alias for pmParseInterval
pmParseHighResTimeWindow alias for pmParseTimeWindow
pmParseInterval convert interval string to binary time structure
pmParseMetricSpec uniform metric specification parser
pmParseTimeWindow parse time window command line arguments
pmParseUnitsStr parse units specification
pmPathSeparator return the filesystem path separator character
pmPrintDesc print a metric descriptor
pmPrintHighResStamp alias for pmtimespecNow
pmPrintLabelSets print an array of label sets
pmPrintStamp alias for pmtimevalNow
pmPrintValue print a performance metric value
pmReconnectContext reconnect to a PMAPI context
pmRecord record mode support for PMAPI clients
pmRecordAddHost alias for pmRecord
pmRecordControl alias for pmRecord
pmRecordSetup alias for pmRecord
pmRegisterDerived register a global derived metric name and definition
pmRegisterDerivedMetric alias for pmRegisterDerived
pmSearchClose alias for pmSearchSetup
pmSearchInfo diagnostic metrics of PCP search services
pmSearchSetConfiguration alias for pmSearchSetup
pmSearchSetEventLoop alias for pmSearchSetup
pmSearchSetMetricRegistry alias for pmSearchSetup
pmSearchSetSlots alias for pmSearchSetup
pmSearchSetup fast, scalable and full-text capable search services
pmSearchTextInDom search for all entities related to given instance domain
pmSearchTextQuery full-text search for metrics, instances and instance domains provided by PCP search services
pmSearchTextSuggest search for suggestions of metric or instance names using PCP search services
pmSemStr convert a performance metric semantic into a string
pmSemStr_r alias for pmSemStr
pmSeriesClose alias for pmSeriesSetup
pmSeriesDescs fast, scalable time series metadata
pmSeriesInstances alias for pmSeriesDescs
pmSeriesLabelValues alias for pmSeriesDescs
pmSeriesLabels alias for pmSeriesDescs
pmSeriesLoad alias for pmSeriesQuery
pmSeriesMetrics alias for pmSeriesDescs
pmSeriesQuery fast, scalable time series querying
pmSeriesSetConfiguration alias for pmSeriesSetup
pmSeriesSetEventLoop alias for pmSeriesSetup
pmSeriesSetMetricRegistry alias for pmSeriesSetup
pmSeriesSetSlots alias for pmSeriesSetup
pmSeriesSetup fast, scalable time series services
pmSeriesSources alias for pmSeriesDescs
pmSeriesValues alias for pmSeriesQuery
pmSeriesWindow alias for pmSeriesQuery
pmSetDebug manipulate PCP debugging control options
pmSetDerivedControl alias for pmDerivedControl
pmSetMode set collection time parameters for the current PMAPI context
pmSetModeHighRes alias for pmSetMode
pmSetProcessIdentity set process user and group id
pmSetProgname application name services
pmSortHighResInstances alias for pmSortInstances
pmSortInstances sort performance metric values on instance identifier
pmSpecLocalPMDA process command-line argument for the table of DSO PMDAs
pmStore modify values of performance metrics
pmStoreHighRes alias for pmStore
pmSyslog alias for pmNotifyErr
pmTimeConnect alias for pmtime
pmTimeDisconnect alias for pmtime
pmTimeRecv alias for pmtime
pmTimeSendAck alias for pmtime
pmTimeShowDialog alias for pmtime
pmTraversePMNS traverse the performance metrics name space
pmTraversePMNS_r alias for pmTraversePMNS
pmTrimNameSpace prune a performance metrics name space
pmTypeStr convert a performance metric type into a string
pmTypeStr_r alias for pmTypeStr
pmUnitsStr convert a performance metric's units into a string
pmUnitsStr_r alias for pmUnitsStr
pmUnloadNameSpace unload a local performance metrics name space for an application
pmUnpackEventRecords unpack event records
pmUnpackHighResEventRecords alias for pmUnpackEventRecords
pmUsageMessage alias for pmgetopt_r
pmUseContext change current PMAPI context
pmUseZone re-establish a reporting timezone
pmWebTimerRegister thread-safe timer list management
pmWebTimerRelease alias for pmWebTimerRegister
pmWebTimerSetMetricRegistry alias for pmWebTimerRegister
pmWhichContext identify the current PMAPI context
pmWhichZone return current reporting timezone
pmaDeltaInDom generate a “delta indom” if two observations of an instance domain are different
pmaGetLog direct read of the next record from an archive file
pmaPutLog direct write of the next record from an archive file
pmaRewriteData try to change the version of an archive data record
pmaRewriteMeta try to change the version of an archive metadata record
pmaSameInDom check if two observations of an instance domain are the same`
pmaSortInDom sort an instance domain
pmaTryDeltaInDom try to translate a physical indom record from a “full indom” to a “delta indom”
pmaUndeltaInDom find “full” instance domain matching a “delta” instance domain
pmdaAttribute informs a PMDA about client connection attributes
pmdaCache manage a cache of instance domain information for a PMDA
pmdaCacheLookup alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheLookupKey alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheLookupName alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheOp alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCachePurge alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCachePurgeCallback alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheResize alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheStore alias for pmdaCache
pmdaCacheStoreKey alias for pmdaCache
pmdaChildren translate a PMID to a set of dynamic performance metric names
pmdaCloseHelp alias for pmdaHelp
pmdaConnect establish a connection between a daemon PMDA and PMCD
pmdaDSO initialize the PMDA to run as a DSO
pmdaDaemon initialize the PMDA to run as a daemon
pmdaDesc get the description of a metric from a PMDA
pmdaEventAddHighResMissedRecord alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventAddHighResParam alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventAddHighResRecord alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventAddMissedRecord alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventAddParam alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventAddRecord alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventArray utilities for PMDAs to build packed arrays of event records
pmdaEventClient client context tracking interfaces for event queues
pmdaEventClients alias for pmdaEventClient
pmdaEventEndClient alias for pmdaEventClient
pmdaEventGetAddr alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventGetHighResAddr alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventHighResAddParam alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventHighResGetAddr alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventNewActiveQueue alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventNewArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventNewClient alias for pmdaEventClient
pmdaEventNewHighResArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventNewQueue alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueue utilities for PMDAs managing event queues
pmdaEventQueueAppend alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueBytes alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueClients alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueCounter alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueHandle alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueMemory alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueRecords alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventQueueShutdown alias for pmdaEventQueue
pmdaEventReleaseArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventReleaseHighResArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventResetArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaEventResetHighResArray alias for pmdaEventArray
pmdaExtGetData alias for pmdaInit
pmdaExtSetData alias for pmdaInit
pmdaExtSetFlags alias for pmdaInit
pmdaFetch fill a pmResult structure with the requested metric values
pmdaGetContext alias for pmdaMain
pmdaGetHelp alias for pmdaHelp
pmdaGetInDomHelp alias for pmdaHelp
pmdaGetOpt get options from arguments, parsing generic PMDA options
pmdaGetOptions alias for pmdaGetOpt
pmdaHelp help text support for a PMDA
pmdaInit initialize a PMDA
pmdaInstance return instance descriptions for a PMDA
pmdaInterfaceMoved reset internal state of a pmdaInterface structure
pmdaLabel fill pmLabelSet structures with metric labels
pmdaMain generic PDU processing for a PMDA
pmdaName translate a PMID to a set of dynamic performance metric names
pmdaOpenHelp alias for pmdaHelp
pmdaOpenLog redirect stderr to a logfile
pmdaPMID translate a dynamic performance metric name into a PMID
pmdaProfile update instance profile for PMDA in preparation for the next fetch from PMCD
pmdaRehash alias for pmdaInit
pmdaRootConnect privileged PCP collector services
pmdaRootContainerCGroupName alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootContainerHostName alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootContainerProcessID alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootProcessStart alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootProcessTerminate alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootProcessWait alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaRootShutdown alias for pmdaRootConnect
pmdaSendError send an error PDU to PMCD
pmdaSetCheckCallBack alias for pmdaMain
pmdaSetCommFlags alias for pmdaInit
pmdaSetData alias for pmdaInit
pmdaSetDoneCallBack alias for pmdaMain
pmdaSetEndContextCallBack alias for pmdaMain
pmdaSetFetchCallBack alias for pmdaFetch
pmdaSetFlags alias for pmdaInit
pmdaSetLabelCallBack alias for pmdaLabel
pmdaSetResultCallBack alias for pmdaMain
pmdaStore store a value into a metric for a PMDA
pmdaText extract metric help text for a PMDA
pmfault Fault Injection Infrastructure for QA
pmflush alias for pmprintf
pmfstring safe string scanning
pmgetopt_r command line handling for PMAPI tools
pmhttpClientFetch alias for pmhttpNewClient
pmhttpFreeClient alias for pmhttpNewClient
pmhttpNewClient simple HTTP client interfaces
pmiAddInstance add an element to an instance domain in a LOGIMPORT context
pmiAddMetric add a new metric definition to a LOGIMPORT context
pmiEnd finish up a LOGIMPORT archive
pmiErrStr convert a LOGIMPORT error code into a string
pmiErrStr_r alias for pmiErrStr
pmiGetHandle define a handle for a metric-instance pair
pmiID alias for pmiUnits
pmiInDom alias for pmiUnits
pmiPutLabel add labels to the output archive
pmiPutMark write a <mark> record to a PCP archive
pmiPutResult add a data record to a LOGIMPORT archive
pmiPutText add help text for an metric or instance domain
pmiPutValue add a value for a metric-instance pair
pmiPutValueHandle add a value for a metric-instance pair via a handle
pmiSetHostname set the source host name for a LOGIMPORT archive
pmiSetTimezone set the source timezone for a LOGIMPORT archive
pmiSetVersion set the archive version for a LOGIMPORT archive
pmiStart establish a new LOGIMPORT context
pmiUnits construct core metric data structures
pmiUseContext change LOGIMPORT context
pmiWrite flush data to a LOGIMPORT archive
pmjsonGet JSON string helpers and metrics extraction
pmjsonInit alias for pmjsonGet
pmjsonInitIndom alias for pmjsonGet
pmjsonPrint alias for pmjsonGet
pmprintf print formatted output in a window or to standard error
pmsprintf formatted string conversion
pmstrncat safe string concatenation
pmstrncpy safe string copy
pmtime time control functions for synchronizing the archive position and update interval between one or more applications
pmtimespecAdd alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimespecDec alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimespecFromReal alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimespecInc alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimespecNow helper routines for time stored as a struct timespec
pmtimespecSub alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimespecToReal alias for pmtimespecNow
pmtimevalAdd alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtimevalDec alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtimevalFromReal alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtimevalInc alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtimevalNow helper routines for time stored as a struct timeval
pmtimevalSub alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtimevalToReal alias for pmtimevalNow
pmtrace application-level performance instrumentation services
pmtraceabort alias for pmtrace
pmtracebegin alias for pmtrace
pmtracecounter alias for pmtrace
pmtraceend alias for pmtrace
pmtraceerrstr alias for pmtrace
pmtraceobs alias for pmtrace
pmtracepoint alias for pmtrace
pmtracestate alias for pmtrace
zbxpcp Zabbix Agent Loadable PCP Module

File Formats

LOGARCHIVE Performance Co-Pilot archive formats
PMNS the performance metrics name space
labels.conf Performance Co-Pilot labels configuration
mmv Memory Mapped Values for Performance Co-Pilot
pcp-atoprc pcp-atop and pcp-atopsar resource file
pcp-dstat pcp-dstat configuration file
pcp-htop pcp-htop configuration file
pcp.conf the Performance Co-Pilot configuration and environment file
pcp.env script to set Performance Co-Pilot run-time environment variables
perfevent.conf the Performance Co-Pilot perfevent PMDA configuration file
pmieconf generalized pmie rules and customizations
pmlogger.control control files for Performance Co-Pilot archiving
pmrep.conf pmrep configuration file