Package pax-utils

ELF utils that can check files for security relevant properties

pax-utils is a small set of utilities for peforming Q/A (mostly security)
checks on systems (most notably, `scanelf`). It is focused on the ELF
format, but does include a Mach-O helper too for OS X systems.

While heavily integrated into Gentoo's build system, it can be used on any
distro as it is a generic toolset.

Originally focused only on [PaX](, it has been
expanded to be generally security focused. It still has a good number of
PaX helpers for people interested in that.

Version: 1.3.7

See also: pax.

General Commands

dumpelf dump internal ELF structure
pspax list ELF/PaX information about running processes
scanelf user-space utility to scan ELF files
scanmacho user-space utility to scan Mach-O files