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Package patchutils

A collection of programs for manipulating patch files


This is a collection of programs that can manipulate patch files in
a variety of ways, such as interpolating between two pre-patches,
combining two incremental patches, fixing line numbers in hand-edited
patches, and simply listing the files modified by a patch.

Version: 0.4.2

General Commands

combinediff create a cumulative unified patch from two incremental patches
dehtmldiff get usable diff from an HTML page
editdiff alias for rediff
espdiff apply the appropriate transformation to a set of patches
filterdiff extract or exclude diffs from a diff file
fixcvsdiff fix problematic diff files
flipdiff exchange the order of two incremental patches
grepdiff show files modified by a diff containing a regex
interdiff show differences between two diff files
lsdiff show which files are modified by a patch
patchview Without options, show numbered files modified by the patch. With options, behave as filterdiff.
recountdiff recompute patch counts and offsets
rediff fix offsets and counts of a hand-edited diff
splitdiff separate out incremental patches
unwrapdiff demangle word-wrapped patches