Package passt

User-mode networking daemons for virtual machines and namespaces

passt implements a translation layer between a Layer-2 network interface and
native Layer-4 sockets (TCP, UDP, ICMP/ICMPv6 echo) on a host. It doesn't
require any capabilities or privileges, and it can be used as a simple
replacement for Slirp.

pasta (same binary as passt, different command) offers equivalent functionality,
for network namespaces: traffic is forwarded using a tap interface inside the
namespace, without the need to create further interfaces on the host, hence not
requiring any capabilities or privileges.

Version: 0^20240405.g954589b

General Commands

passt.avx2 alias for passt
pasta alias for passt
pasta.avx2 alias for passt
qrap temporary qemu wrapper connecting UNIX domain socket to file descriptor