Package parrot-devel

Parrot Virtual Machine development headers and libraries

Version: 8.1.0

See also: parrot.

General Commands

parrot-nqp Not Quite Perl (6)
parrot-ops2c Convert Parrot opcodes to C
parrot-prove Prove is a PIR-based TAP (Test Anything Protocol) Harness
parrot_config Parrot Configuration
parrot_nci_thunk_gen Create Parrot NCI thunks
parrotbug Parrot bug report
pbc_disassemble parrot bytecode disassembler
pbc_dump Dump or convert Parrot bytecode (PBC) files
pbc_merge This program takes two or more PBC files and produces a single merged output PBC file with a single fix-up table and constants table.
pbc_to_exe Generate executables from Parrot bytecode
plumage Parrot Plumage
winxed The Winxed Language