Package papi

Performance Application Programming Interface

PAPI provides a programmer interface to monitor the performance of
running programs.

See also: papi-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
PAPI_derived_event_files Describes derived event definition file syntax.
papi_avail papi_avail utility.
papi_clockres The papi_clockres utility.
papi_command_line executes PAPI preset or native events from the command line.
papi_component_avail papi_component_avail utility.
papi_cost papi_cost utility.
papi_decode papi_decode utility.
papi_error_codes papi_error_codes utility.
papi_event_chooser papi_event_chooser utility.
papi_hybrid_native_avail papi_hybrid_native_avail utility.
papi_mem_info papi_mem_info utility.
papi_multiplex_cost papi_multiplex_cost utility.
papi_native_avail papi_native_avail utility.
papi_version papi_version utility.
papi_xml_event_info papi_xml_event_info utility.