Package pandoc-citeproc

Citeproc support for pandoc

The pandoc-citeproc library exports functions for using the citeproc system
with pandoc. It relies on citeproc-hs, a library for rendering bibliographic
reference citations into a variety of styles using a macro language called
Citation Style Language (CSL). More details on CSL can be found here:

Currently this package includes a heavily revised copy of the citeproc-hs code.
When citeproc-hs is updated to be compatible, this package will simply depend
on citeproc-hs.

This package also contains an executable: pandoc-citeproc, which works as a
pandoc filter, and also has a mode for converting bibliographic databases a
YAML format suitable for inclusion in pandoc YAML metadata.
General Commands
Command Description
pandoc-citeproc filter to resolve citations in a pandoc document.