Package pandoc

Conversion between documentation formats

Pandoc is a Haskell library for converting from one markup format to another.
The formats it can handle include

- light markup formats (many variants of Markdown, reStructuredText, AsciiDoc,
Org-mode, Muse, Textile, txt2tags) - HTML formats (HTML 4 and 5) - Ebook
formats (EPUB v2 and v3, FB2) - Documentation formats (GNU TexInfo, Haddock) -
Roff formats (man, ms) - TeX formats (LaTeX, ConTeXt) - XML formats (DocBook 4
and 5, JATS, TEI Simple, OpenDocument) - Outline formats (OPML) - Bibliography
formats (BibTeX, BibLaTeX, CSL JSON, CSL YAML, RIS) - Word processor formats
(Docx, RTF, ODT) - Interactive notebook formats (Jupyter notebook ipynb) - Page
layout formats (InDesign ICML) - Wiki markup formats (MediaWiki, DokuWiki,
TikiWiki, TWiki, Vimwiki, XWiki, ZimWiki, Jira wiki, Creole) - Slide show
formats (LaTeX Beamer, PowerPoint, Slidy, reveal.js, Slideous, S5, DZSlides) -
Data formats (CSV and TSV tables) - PDF (via external programs such as pdflatex
or wkhtmltopdf)

Pandoc can convert mathematical content in documents between TeX, MathML, Word
equations, roff eqn, and plain text. It includes a powerful system for
automatic citations and bibliographies, and it can be customized extensively
using templates, filters, and custom readers and writers written in Lua.

For pdf output please also install pandoc-pdf or weasyprint.

Version: 3.1.3

General Commands

pandoc general markup converter