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Package pam-ssh-auth-info

PAM SSH Authentication Information Module

The pam_ssh_auth_info.so PAM module is designed to succeed or fail
authentication based on SSH authentication information consisting of a
list of successfully completed authentication methods and public
credentials (e.g. keys) used to authenticate the user. One use is to
select whether to load other modules based on this test.

Version: 1.8.20230906

See also: pam, pam_abl, pam_afs_session, pam_cifscreds, pam-devel, pam_duo, pam_krb5, pam_mount, pam_passwdqc, pam_script, pam_snapper, pam_ssh, pam_ssh_agent_auth, pam-u2f, pam_wrapper, pam_yubico.

System Administration

pam_ssh_auth_info test SSH authentication information