Package pam_mount

A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session

This module is aimed at environments with central file servers that a user
wishes to mount on login and unmount on logout, such as (semi-)diskless
stations where many users can logon and where statically mounting the entire
/home from a server is a security risk, or listing all possible volumes in
/etc/fstab is not feasible.

* Users can define their own list of volumes without having to change
  (possibly non-writable) global config files.
* Single sign-on feature - the user needs to type the password just once (at login)
* Transparent mount process
* No stored passwords
* Volumes are unmounted on logout, freeing system resources and not leaving
  data exposed.

The module also supports mounting local filesystems of any kind the normal
mount utility supports, with extra code to make sure certain volumes are set up
properly because often they need more  than just a mount call, such as
encrypted volumes. This includes SMB/CIFS, FUSE, dm-crypt and LUKS.

If  you  intend  to use pam_mount to protect volumes on your computer using an
encrypted filesystem system, please know that there are many other issues you
need to consider in order to protect your data. For example, you probably want
to disable or encrypt your swap partition (the cryptoswap can help you do
this). Do not assume  a  system  is  secure  without  carefully  considering
potential threats.

Version: 2.19

See also: pam, pam_abl, pam_afs_session, pam_cifscreds, pam-devel, pam_duo, pam_krb5, pam_passwdqc, pam_script, pam_snapper, pam_ssh, pam_ssh_agent_auth, pam-ssh-auth-info, pam-u2f, pam_wrapper, pam_yubico.

File Formats

pam_mount.conf Description of the pam_mount configuration file

System Administration

mount.crypt mount a dm-crypt encrypted volume
mount.crypt_LUKS alias for mount.crypt
mount.crypto_LUKS alias for mount.crypt
pam_mount A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
pmt-ehd create an encrypted disk image
pmvarrun updates /var/run/pam_mount/user
umount.crypt unmount a dm-crypt encrypted volume
umount.crypt_LUKS alias for umount.crypt
umount.crypto_LUKS alias for umount.crypt