Package pam_krb5

A Pluggable Authentication Module for Kerberos 5

pam-krb5 is a Kerberos v5 PAM module for either MIT Kerberos or
Heimdal. It supports ticket refreshing by screen savers, configurable
authorization handling, authentication of non-local accounts for
network services, password changing, and password expiration, as well
as all the standard expected PAM features. It works correctly with
OpenSSH, even with ChallengeResponseAuthentication and
PrivilegeSeparation enabled, and supports extensive configuration
either by PAM options or in krb5.conf or both. PKINIT is supported
with recent versions of both MIT Kerberos and Heimdal and FAST is
supported with recent MIT Kerberos.

Version: 4.11

See also: pam, pam_abl, pam_afs_session, pam_cifscreds, pam-devel, pam_duo, pam_mount, pam_passwdqc, pam_script, pam_snapper, pam_ssh, pam_ssh_agent_auth, pam-ssh-auth-info, pam-u2f, pam_wrapper, pam_yubico.

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pam_krb5 Kerberos PAM module