Package p0rn-comfort

Support programs for browsing image-gallery sites

p0rn-comfort consists of several support programs for browsing
image-gallery sites. It includes a proxy which enables blacklisting
of thumbnail sites on-the-fly. It also supports queueing of entire
pages for download and fetching them at a later time. Queuing can
either be done manually (directly from your browser) or by an
automated download script which can also follow links between
different galleries.

General Commands
Command Description
p0rn-bot register pages with p0rn-proxy automatically
p0rn-dbadd add links to the p0rn database
p0rn-dbdel remove links from the p0rn database
p0rn-dbdump dump the p0rn database
p0rn-dblist list links in the p0rn database
p0rn-download download URLs queued in p0rn database
p0rn-grab automatically download pictures and movies from an URL
p0rn-proxy HTTP proxy for comfortably browsing p0rn