Package oyranos

A Colour Management System (CMS) on operating system level

The Color Management System (CMS) Oyranos is intended to coordinate device
specific information (ICC colour profiles) and configure their system wide
settings. Target is a predictable path for applications and users to match
colors across devices and across platforms.

Oyranos is intended as a OS level CMS.

See also: oyranos-devel.

General Commands
Command Description
oyranos-config-fltk Oyranos CMS configuration panel
oyranos-monitor Oyranos CMS monitor configuration
oyranos-monitor-daemon Oyranos CMS monitor daemon
oyranos-policy Oyranos CMS policy tool
oyranos-profile Oyranos CMS ICC profile tool
oyranos-profile-graph ICC profile graph tool
oyranos-profile-install Oyranos CMS ICC profile installation tool
oyranos-profiles Oyranos CMS ICC profiles tool
oyranos-xforms-modules Oyranos command line option forms dumping tool
qcmsevents Xorg color management event observer