Package owfs-libs

Core library providing base functions to other OWFS modules

owfs-libs is a core library providing base functions to other OWFS modules.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
DS1821 Programmable Digital Thermostat and Thermometer
DS1822 Econo 1-Wire Digital Thermometer
DS1825 Programmable Resolution 1-Wire Digital Thermometer with ID
DS1921 Thermochron temperature logging iButton.
DS1963L 256 byte Monetary iButton
DS1963S 256 byte Monetary iButton with SHA-1
DS1977 Password Protected 32kbit Memory iButton
DS1991 1152bit MultiKey iButton
DS1992 1kbit Memory iButton
DS1993 4kbit Memory iButton
DS1995 16kbit Memory iButton
DS1996 64kbit Memory iButton
DS2401 Silicon Serial Number
DS2404 EconoRAM time chip
DS2405 Addressable Switch
DS2406 Dual Addressable Switch with 1kbit Memory, Hidable Dual Addressable Switch with...
DS2408 1-Wire 8 Channel Addressable Switch
DS2409 MicroLAN Coupler
DS2413 Dual Channel Addressable Switch
DS2415 1-Wire Time Chip, RTC (real time clock) iButton, 1-Wire Time Chip with Interrupt
DS2423 4kbit 1-Wire RAM with Counter
DS2430A 256-bit 1-wire EEPROM, 256-bit EEPROM ibutton
DS2431 EEPROM (1 kBit)
DS2433 EEPROM (4 kBit)
DS2436 Battery ID/Monitor Chip
DS2437 Smart Battery Monitor
DS2438 Smart Battery Monitor
DS2450 Quad A/D Converter
DS2502 Add-Only Memory (1 kBit)
DS2505 Add-Only Memory (16 kBit), UniqueWare Add-Only Memory (16 kBit)
DS2506 Add-Only Memory (64 kBit), UniqueWare Add-Only Memory (64 kBit)
DS2720 Efficient Addressable Single-cell Rechargeable Lithium Protection IC
DS2740 High-Precision Coulomb Counter
DS2751 Multichemistry Battery Fuel Gauge
DS2755 Multichemistry Battery Fuel Gauge
DS2760 High-Precision Li+ Battery Monitor
DS2770 Battery Monitor and Charge Controller
DS2780 Stand-alone Fuel Gauge IC
DS2781 Stand-alone Fuel Gauge IC
DS2890 1-Wire Digital Potentiometer
DS28E04 1-Wire EEPROM chip (4096-bit) with seven address inputs
DS28EA00 1-Wire Digital Thermometer with Sequence Detect and PIO
DS28EC20 EEPROM (20 kBit)
EDS Embedded Data Systems Sensors
IBLSS iButtonLink SmartSlave
LCD LCD controller
mAM001 Analog Input Module
mCM001 AC Current Monitor
mDI001 Digital Input Module
mRS001 Rotation Sensor
OWNet Light weight access to owserver
owperl perl interface for the 1-wire filesystem
File Formats
File Description
owfs owfs programs configuration file