Package osmium-tool

Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data

Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data
based on the Osmium library

Version: 1.14.0

General Commands

osmium multipurpose tool for working with OpenStreetMap data
osmium-add-locations-to-ways add node locations to ways in OSM file
osmium-apply-changes apply OSM change file(s) to OSM data file
osmium-cat concatenate OSM files and convert to different formats
osmium-changeset-filter filter changesets from OSM changeset file
osmium-check-refs check referential integrity of OSM file
osmium-create-locations-index create or update locations index from OSM file
osmium-derive-changes create OSM change files from two OSM data files
osmium-diff display differences between OSM files
osmium-export export OSM data
osmium-extract create geographical extracts from an OSM file
osmium-fileinfo show information about an OSM file
osmium-getid get objects from OSM file by ID
osmium-getparents get parents of objects from OSM file
osmium-merge merge several sorted OSM files into one
osmium-merge-changes merge several OSM change files into one
osmium-query-locations-index query node locations index
osmium-removeid remove objects from OSM file by ID
osmium-renumber renumber object IDs
osmium-show show OSM file
osmium-sort sort OSM files
osmium-tags-count count keys/tags
osmium-tags-filter filter objects matching specified keys/tags
osmium-time-filter filter OSM data by time from a history file

File Formats

osmium-file-formats OSM file formats known to Osmium
osmium-index-types Index types used to store node locations
osmium-output-headers Header options that can be set on output files