Package orangefs-server

Parallel network file system server

OrangeFS (formerly PVFS2) is a high-performance parallel
network file system designed for use on high performance computing
systems. It provides very high performance access to disk storage for
parallel applications. It is accessible through a variety of
interfaces, including the native OrangeFS library, the kernel, FUSE,
and MPI-IO.

This package provides the pvfs2-client-core which is required to use
the kernel module.

This package contains the server.

General Commands
Command Description
pvfs2-genconfig create configuration files for PVFS2 servers
pvfs2-mkspace pvfs2-mkspace – create storage space for OrangeFS server
pvfs2-server The PVFS2 file serving, request processing, dancing daemon
pvfs2-showcoll pvfs2-showcoll – show server storage collection
File Formats
File Description
orangefs.conf information about pvfs2 server config files