Package orangefs

Parallel network file system client

OrangeFS (formerly PVFS2) is a high-performance parallel
network file system designed for use on high performance computing
systems. It provides very high performance access to disk storage for
parallel applications. It is accessible through a variety of
interfaces, including the native OrangeFS library, the kernel, FUSE,
and MPI-IO.

This package provides the pvfs2-client-core which is required to use
the kernel module.

General Commands
Command Description
pvfs2 A parallel virtual file system for Linux
pvfs2-check-server pvfs2-check-server – check to see if a server is responding
pvfs2-chmod pvfs2-chmod – modify permissions on files in OrangeFS volumes
pvfs2-chown pvfs2-chown – modify the owner and group of files in OrangeFS volumes
pvfs2-client pvfs2-client – internal kernel module userspace client
pvfs2-client-core pvfs2-client-core – internal kernel module userspace client
pvfs2-cp pvfs2-cp – copy files to and from OrangeFS volumes
pvfs2-drop-caches pvfs2-drop-caches – flush I/O cache on OrangeFS servers
pvfs2-fsck pvfs2-fsck – check and correct file system errors
pvfs2-fs-dump pvfs2-fs-dump – display lower-level information about an OrangeFS file system
pvfs2-getmattr pvfs2-getmattr – display file mirroring properties volumes
pvfs2-get-uid pvfs2-get-uid – display lower-level information about an OrangeFS file system
pvfs2-ln pvfs2-ln – create a soft link in an OrangeFS volume
pvfs2-ls List files in a PVFS2 directory
pvfs2-mkdir pvfs2-mkdir – create directory in an OrangeFS volume
pvfs2-perf-mon-example pvfs2-perf-mon-snmp – SNMP performance monitor
pvfs2-perf-mon-snmp pvfs2-perf-mon-example – performance monitor example
pvfs2-perror pvfs2-perror – interpret numerical error code
pvfs2-ping Check if all servers in a PVFS2 volume are running
pvfs2-remove-object pvfs2-remove-object – remove internal object from OrangeFS volume
pvfs2-rm pvfs2-rm – remove files
pvfs2-set-debugmask pvfs2-set-debugmask – enable and disable debug strings to log
pvfs2-set-eventmask pvfs2-set-eventmask – enable and disable debug strings to log
pvfs2-setmattr pvfs2-setmattr – set file mirroring properties volumes
pvfs2-set-mode pvfs2-set-mode – set server mode
pvfs2-set-perf-history pvfs2-set-perf-history – set performance monitoring parameters
pvfs2-set-perf-interval pvfs2-set-perf-interval – set performance monitoring parameters
pvfs2-set-sync pvfs2-set-sync – set server synchronization parameters
pvfs2-set-turn-off-timeouts pvfs2-set-turn-off-timeouts – disable security timeout verification in server
pvfs2-stat pvfs2-stat – display file attributes
pvfs2-statfs Display statistics about a pvfs2 volume
pvfs2-touch pvfs2-touch – create files
pvfs2-validate pvfs2-validate – recursively check a directory or file for problems
pvfs2-viewdist pvfs2-viewdist – display file layout
pvfs2-write pvfs2-write – create files
pvfs2-xattr pvfs2-xattr – set or view extended attributes
File Formats
File Description
pvfs2tab information about pvfs2 volumes