Package opus-devel

Development package for opus

Files for development with opus.

Library Functions
Library Function Description
opus_ctlvalues opus_ctlvalues
opus_custom Opus Custom is an optional part of the Opus specification and reference...
opus_custom.h Opus-Custom reference implementation API.
opus_decoder This page describes the process and functions used to decode Opus.
opus_decoderctls opus_decoderctls
opus_defines.h Opus reference implementation constants.
opus_encoder This page describes the process and functions used to encode Opus.
opus_encoderctls These are convenience macros for use with the opus_encode_ctl interface.
opus_errorcodes opus_errorcodes
opus_genericctls These macros are used with the opus_decoder_ctl and opus_encoder_ctl calls to...
opus_libinfo opus_libinfo
opus_multistream The multistream API allows individual Opus streams to be combined into a single...
opus_multistream.h Opus reference implementation multistream API.
opus_multistream_ctls These are convenience macros that are specific to the...
opus_repacketizer The repacketizer can be used to merge multiple Opus packets into a single packet...
opus_types.h Opus reference implementation types.