Package opus-devel

Development package for opus

Files for development with opus.

Version: 1.5.1

Library Functions

opus_ctlvalues Pre-defined values for CTL interface
opus_custom.h Opus-Custom reference implementation API.
opus_decoder Opus Decoder
opus_decoderctls Decoder related CTLs
opus_defines.h Opus reference implementation constants.
opus_encoder Opus Encoder
opus_encoderctls Encoder related CTLs
opus_errorcodes Error codes
opus_genericctls Generic CTLs
opus_libinfo Opus library information functions
opus_multistream Opus Multistream API
opus_multistream.h Opus reference implementation multistream API.
opus_multistream_ctls Multistream specific encoder and decoder CTLs
opus_repacketizer Repacketizer
opus_types.h Opus reference implementation types.