Package oprofile

System wide profiler

OProfile is a profiling system for systems running Linux. The
profiling runs transparently during the background, and profile data
can be collected at any time. OProfile makes use of the hardware performance
counters provided on Intel P6, and AMD Athlon family processors, and can use
the RTC for profiling on other x86 processor types.

See the HTML documentation for further details.

General Commands
Command Description
ocount Event counting tool for Linux
opannotate produce source or assembly annotated with profile data
oparchive produce archive of oprofile data for offline analysis
op-check-perfevents checks for kernel perf pmu support
operf Performance profiler tool for Linux
opgprof produce gprof-format profile data
ophelp list OProfile events
opimport converts sample database files
opreport produce symbol or binary image summaries
oprofile a statistical profiler for Linux systems, capable of profiling all running code...