Package openvswitch

Open vSwitch daemon/database/utilities

Open vSwitch provides standard network bridging functions and
support for the OpenFlow protocol for remote per-flow control of

General Commands
Command Description
ovsdb-client command-line interface to ovsdb-server(1)
ovsdb-server Open vSwitch database server
ovsdb-tool Open vSwitch database management utility
File Formats
File Description
ovsdb Open vSwitch Database (File Formats)
ovsdb-server _Server database schema
ovs-vswitchd.conf.db Open_vSwitch database schema
vtep hardware_vtep database schema
Name Description
ovsdb Open vSwitch Database (Overview)
ovsdb-server Open vSwitch Database Server Protocol
ovs-fields protocol header fields in OpenFlow and Open vSwitch
System Administration
Command Description
ovs-appctl utility for configuring running Open vSwitch daemons
ovs-bugtool Open vSwitch bug reporting utility
ovs-ctl OVS startup helper script
ovs-dpctl administer Open vSwitch datapaths
ovs-dpctl-top Top like behavior for ovs-dpctl dump-flows
ovs-kmod-ctl OVS startup helper script for loading kernel modules
ovs-ofctl administer OpenFlow switches
ovs-parse-backtrace parses ovs-appctl backtrace output
ovs-pki OpenFlow public key infrastructure management utility
ovs-vsctl utility for querying and configuring ovs-vswitchd
ovs-vswitchd Open vSwitch daemon
vtep-ctl utility for querying and configuring a VTEP database