Package openssl

Utilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation

The OpenSSL toolkit provides support for secure communications between
machines. OpenSSL includes a certificate management tool and shared
libraries which provide various cryptographic algorithms and

Version: 3.2.1

See also: openssl-devel, openssl-perl, openssl-pkcs11-sign-provider.

General Commands

asn1parse.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
c_rehash.1ossl alias for openssl-rehash.1ossl
ca.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
ciphers.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
cmp.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
cms.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
crl.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
crl2pkcs7.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
dgst.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
dhparam.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
dsa.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
dsaparam.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
ec.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
ecparam.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
enc.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
engine.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
errstr.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
gendsa.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
genpkey.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
genrsa.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
info.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
kdf.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
mac.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
nseq.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
ocsp.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
openssl-asn1parse.1ossl ASN.1 parsing command
openssl-ca.1ossl sample minimal CA application
openssl-ciphers.1ossl SSL cipher display and cipher list command
openssl-cmds.1ossl OpenSSL application commands
openssl-cmp.1ossl Certificate Management Protocol (CMP, RFC 4210) application
openssl-cms.1ossl CMS command
openssl-crl.1ossl CRL command
openssl-crl2pkcs7.1ossl Create a PKCS#7 structure from a CRL and certificates
openssl-dgst.1ossl perform digest operations
openssl-dhparam.1ossl DH parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-dsa.1ossl DSA key processing
openssl-dsaparam.1ossl DSA parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-ec.1ossl EC key processing
openssl-ecparam.1ossl EC parameter manipulation and generation
openssl-enc.1ossl symmetric cipher routines
openssl-engine.1ossl load and query engines
openssl-errstr.1ossl lookup error codes
openssl-fipsinstall.1ossl perform FIPS configuration installation
openssl-format-options.1ossl OpenSSL command input and output format options
openssl-gendsa.1ossl generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters
openssl-genpkey.1ossl generate a private key or key pair
openssl-genrsa.1ossl generate an RSA private key
openssl-info.1ossl print OpenSSL built-in information
openssl-kdf.1ossl perform Key Derivation Function operations
openssl-list.1ossl list algorithms and features
openssl-mac.1ossl perform Message Authentication Code operations
openssl-namedisplay-options.1ossl Distinguished name display options
openssl-nseq.1ossl create or examine a Netscape certificate sequence
openssl-ocsp.1ossl Online Certificate Status Protocol command
openssl-passphrase-options.1ossl Pass phrase options
openssl-passwd.1ossl compute password hashes
openssl-pkcs12.1ossl PKCS#12 file command
openssl-pkcs7.1ossl PKCS#7 command
openssl-pkcs8.1ossl PKCS#8 format private key conversion command
openssl-pkey.1ossl public or private key processing command
openssl-pkeyparam.1ossl public key algorithm parameter processing command
openssl-pkeyutl.1ossl public key algorithm command
openssl-prime.1ossl compute prime numbers
openssl-rand.1ossl generate pseudo-random bytes
openssl-rehash.1ossl Create symbolic links to files named by the hash values
openssl-req.1ossl PKCS#10 certificate request and certificate generating command
openssl-rsa.1ossl RSA key processing command
openssl-rsautl.1ossl RSA command
openssl-s_client.1ossl SSL/TLS client program
openssl-s_server.1ossl SSL/TLS server program
openssl-s_time.1ossl SSL/TLS performance timing program
openssl-sess_id.1ossl SSL/TLS session handling command
openssl-smime.1ossl S/MIME command
openssl-speed.1ossl test library performance
openssl-spkac.1ossl SPKAC printing and generating command
openssl-srp.1ossl maintain SRP password file
openssl-storeutl.1ossl STORE command
openssl-ts.1ossl Time Stamping Authority command
openssl-verification-options.1ossl generic X.509 certificate verification options
openssl-verify.1ossl certificate verification command
openssl-version.1ossl print OpenSSL version information
openssl-x509.1ossl Certificate display and signing command
openssl.1ossl OpenSSL command line program
passwd.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkcs12.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkcs7.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkcs8.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkey.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkeyparam.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
pkeyutl.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
prime.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
rand.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
rehash.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
req.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
rsa.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
rsautl.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
s_client.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
s_server.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
s_time.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
sess_id.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
smime.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
speed.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
spkac.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
srp.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
storeutl.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
ts.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
verify.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
version.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl
x509.1ossl alias for openssl-cmds.1ossl

File Formats

fips_config.5ossl OpenSSL FIPS configuration
openssl.cnf OpenSSL CONF library configuration files
x509v3_config.5ossl X509 V3 certificate extension configuration format


EVP_ASYM_CIPHER-RSA.7ossl RSA Asymmetric Cipher algorithm support
EVP_ASYM_CIPHER-SM2.7ossl SM2 Asymmetric Cipher algorithm support
EVP_CIPHER-AES.7ossl The AES EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-ARIA.7ossl The ARIA EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-CAST.7ossl The CAST EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-DES.7ossl The DES EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-IDEA.7ossl The IDEA EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-NULL.7ossl The NULL EVP_CIPHER implementation
EVP_CIPHER-RC2.7ossl The RC2 EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-RC4.7ossl The RC4 EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-RC5.7ossl The RC5 EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-SEED.7ossl The SEED EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_CIPHER-SM4.7ossl The SM4 EVP_CIPHER implementations
EVP_KDF-ARGON2.7ossl The Argon2 EVP KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-HKDF.7ossl The HKDF EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-KB.7ossl The Key-Based EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-KRB5KDF.7ossl The RFC3961 Krb5 KDF EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-PBKDF1.7ossl The PBKDF1 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-PBKDF2.7ossl The PBKDF2 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-PKCS12KDF.7ossl The PKCS#12 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-PVKKDF.7ossl The PVK EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-SCRYPT.7ossl The scrypt EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-SS.7ossl The Single Step / One Step EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-SSHKDF.7ossl The SSHKDF EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-TLS13_KDF.7ossl The TLS 1.3 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-TLS1_PRF.7ossl The TLS1 PRF EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-X942-ASN1.7ossl The X9.42-2003 asn1 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-X942-CONCAT.7ossl The X942 Concat EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KDF-X963.7ossl The X9.63-2001 EVP_KDF implementation
EVP_KEM-EC.7ossl EVP_KEM EC keytype and algorithm support
EVP_KEM-RSA.7ossl EVP_KEM RSA keytype and algorithm support
EVP_KEM-X25519.7ossl EVP_KEM X25519 and EVP_KEM X448 keytype and algorithm support
EVP_KEM-X448.7ossl alias for EVP_KEM-X25519.7ossl
EVP_KEYEXCH-DH.7ossl DH Key Exchange algorithm support
EVP_KEYEXCH-ECDH.7ossl ECDH Key Exchange algorithm support
EVP_KEYEXCH-X25519.7ossl X25519 and X448 Key Exchange algorithm support
EVP_KEYEXCH-X448.7ossl alias for EVP_KEYEXCH-X25519.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-CMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-DH.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-DH.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-DHX.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-DH.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-DSA.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-DSA.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-EC.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-EC.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-ED25519.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-ED448.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-HMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-Poly1305.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-RSA.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-RSA.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-SM2.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-SM2.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-Siphash.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-X25519.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_KEYMGMT-X448.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_MAC-BLAKE2.7ossl The BLAKE2 EVP_MAC implementations
EVP_MAC-BLAKE2BMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_MAC-BLAKE2.7ossl
EVP_MAC-BLAKE2SMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_MAC-BLAKE2.7ossl
EVP_MAC-CMAC.7ossl The CMAC EVP_MAC implementation
EVP_MAC-GMAC.7ossl The GMAC EVP_MAC implementation
EVP_MAC-HMAC.7ossl The HMAC EVP_MAC implementation
EVP_MAC-KMAC.7ossl The KMAC EVP_MAC implementations
EVP_MAC-KMAC128.7ossl alias for EVP_MAC-KMAC.7ossl
EVP_MAC-KMAC256.7ossl alias for EVP_MAC-KMAC.7ossl
EVP_MAC-Poly1305.7ossl The Poly1305 EVP_MAC implementation
EVP_MAC-Siphash.7ossl The Siphash EVP_MAC implementation
EVP_MD-BLAKE2.7ossl The BLAKE2 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-KECCAK-KMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_MD-SHAKE.7ossl
EVP_MD-KECCAK.7ossl The KECCAK EVP_MD implementations
EVP_MD-MD2.7ossl The MD2 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-MD4.7ossl The MD4 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-MD5-SHA1.7ossl The MD5-SHA1 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-MD5.7ossl The MD5 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-MDC2.7ossl The MDC2 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-NULL.7ossl The NULL EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-RIPEMD160.7ossl The RIPEMD160 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-SHA1.7ossl The SHA1 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-SHA2.7ossl The SHA2 EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-SHA3.7ossl The SHA3 EVP_MD implementations
EVP_MD-SHAKE.7ossl The SHAKE / KECCAK family EVP_MD implementations
EVP_MD-SM3.7ossl The SM3 EVP_MD implementations
EVP_MD-WHIRLPOOL.7ossl The WHIRLPOOL EVP_MD implementation
EVP_MD-common.7ossl The OpenSSL EVP_MD implementations, common things
EVP_PKEY-CMAC.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-DH.7ossl EVP_PKEY DH and DHX keytype and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-DHX.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-DH.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-DSA.7ossl EVP_PKEY DSA keytype and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-EC.7ossl EVP_PKEY EC keytype and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-ED25519.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-ED448.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-FFC.7ossl EVP_PKEY DSA and DH/DHX shared FFC parameters.
EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl EVP_PKEY legacy MAC keytypes and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-Poly1305.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-RSA.7ossl EVP_PKEY RSA keytype and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-SM2.7ossl EVP_PKEY keytype support for the Chinese SM2 signature and encryption algorithms
EVP_PKEY-Siphash.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl EVP_PKEY X25519, X448, ED25519 and ED448 keytype and algorithm support
EVP_PKEY-X448.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-X25519.7ossl
EVP_RAND-CTR-DRBG.7ossl The CTR DRBG EVP_RAND implementation
EVP_RAND-HASH-DRBG.7ossl The HASH DRBG EVP_RAND implementation
EVP_RAND-HMAC-DRBG.7ossl The HMAC DRBG EVP_RAND implementation
EVP_RAND-SEED-SRC.7ossl The randomness seed source EVP_RAND implementation
EVP_RAND-TEST-RAND.7ossl The test EVP_RAND implementation
EVP_RAND.7ossl the random bit generator
EVP_SIGNATURE-DSA.7ossl The EVP_PKEY DSA signature implementation
EVP_SIGNATURE-ECDSA.7ossl The EVP_PKEY ECDSA signature implementation.
EVP_SIGNATURE-ED25519.7ossl EVP_PKEY Ed25519 and Ed448 support
EVP_SIGNATURE-ED448.7ossl alias for EVP_SIGNATURE-ED25519.7ossl
EVP_SIGNATURE-HMAC.7ossl The legacy EVP_PKEY MAC signature implementations
EVP_SIGNATURE-Poly1305.7ossl alias for EVP_SIGNATURE-HMAC.7ossl
EVP_SIGNATURE-RSA.7ossl The EVP_PKEY RSA signature implementation
EVP_SIGNATURE-Siphash.7ossl alias for EVP_SIGNATURE-HMAC.7ossl
Ed25519.7ossl alias for EVP_SIGNATURE-ED25519.7ossl
Ed448.7ossl alias for EVP_SIGNATURE-ED25519.7ossl
OPENSSL_API_COMPAT.7ossl alias for openssl_user_macros.7ossl
OPENSSL_NO_DEPRECATED.7ossl alias for openssl_user_macros.7ossl
OSSL_PROVIDER-base.7ossl OpenSSL base provider
OSSL_PROVIDER-default.7ossl OpenSSL default provider
OSSL_PROVIDER-legacy.7ossl OpenSSL legacy provider
OSSL_PROVIDER-null.7ossl OpenSSL null provider
RAND.7ossl the OpenSSL random generator
RSA-PSS.7ossl EVP_PKEY RSA-PSS algorithm support
RSA.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-RSA.7ossl
SM2.7ossl alias for EVP_PKEY-SM2.7ossl
X25519.7ossl EVP_PKEY X25519 and X448 support
X448.7ossl alias for X25519.7ossl
bio.7ossl Basic I/O abstraction
crypto.7ossl alias for ossl-guide-libcrypto-introduction.7ossl
ct.7ossl Certificate Transparency
des_modes.7ossl the variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL
evp.7ossl high-level cryptographic functions
fips_module.7ossl OpenSSL fips module guide
fips_module_indicators.7ossl Red Hat OpenSSL FIPS module indicators guide
life_cycle-cipher.7ossl The cipher algorithm life-cycle
life_cycle-digest.7ossl The digest algorithm life-cycle
life_cycle-kdf.7ossl The KDF algorithm life-cycle
life_cycle-mac.7ossl The MAC algorithm life-cycle
life_cycle-pkey.7ossl The PKEY algorithm life-cycle
life_cycle-rand.7ossl The RAND algorithm life-cycle
migration_guide.7ossl alias for ossl-guide-migration.7ossl
openssl-core.h.7ossl OpenSSL Core types
openssl-core_dispatch.h.7ossl OpenSSL provider dispatch numbers and function types
openssl-core_names.h.7ossl OpenSSL provider parameter names
openssl-env.7ossl OpenSSL environment variables
openssl-glossary.7ossl An OpenSSL Glossary
openssl-quic.7ossl OpenSSL QUIC
openssl-threads.7ossl Overview of thread safety in OpenSSL
openssl_user_macros.7ossl User defined macros
ossl-guide-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to OpenSSL
ossl-guide-libcrypto-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to libcrypto
ossl-guide-libraries-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to the OpenSSL libraries
ossl-guide-libssl-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to libssl
ossl-guide-migration.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Migrating from older OpenSSL versions
ossl-guide-quic-client-block.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Writing a simple blocking QUIC client
ossl-guide-quic-client-non-block.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Writing a simple nonblocking QUIC client
ossl-guide-quic-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to QUIC in OpenSSL
ossl-guide-quic-multi-stream.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Writing a simple multi-stream QUIC client
ossl-guide-tls-client-block.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Writing a simple blocking TLS client
ossl-guide-tls-client-non-block.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: Writing a simple nonblocking TLS client
ossl-guide-tls-introduction.7ossl OpenSSL Guide: An introduction to SSL/TLS in OpenSSL
ossl_store-file.7ossl The store 'file' scheme loader
ossl_store.7ossl Store retrieval functions
passphrase-encoding.7ossl How diverse parts of OpenSSL treat pass phrases character encoding
property.7ossl Properties, a selection mechanism for algorithm implementations
provider-asym_cipher.7ossl The asym_cipher library <-> provider functions
provider-base.7ossl The basic OpenSSL library <-> provider functions
provider-cipher.7ossl The cipher library <-> provider functions
provider-decoder.7ossl The OSSL_DECODER library <-> provider functions
provider-digest.7ossl The digest library <-> provider functions
provider-encoder.7ossl The OSSL_ENCODER library <-> provider functions
provider-kdf.7ossl The KDF library <-> provider functions
provider-kem.7ossl The kem library <-> provider functions
provider-keyexch.7ossl The keyexch library <-> provider functions
provider-keymgmt.7ossl The KEYMGMT library <-> provider functions
provider-mac.7ossl The mac library <-> provider functions
provider-object.7ossl A specification for a provider-native object abstraction
provider-rand.7ossl The random number generation library <-> provider functions
provider-signature.7ossl The signature library <-> provider functions
provider-storemgmt.7ossl The OSSL_STORE library <-> provider functions
provider.7ossl OpenSSL operation implementation providers
proxy-certificates.7ossl Proxy certificates in OpenSSL
ssl.7ossl alias for ossl-guide-libssl-introduction.7ossl
x509.7ossl X.509 certificate handling