Package opensp

SGML and XML parser

OpenSP is an implementation of the ISO/IEC 8879:1986 standard SGML
(Standard Generalized Markup Language). OpenSP is based on James
Clark's SP implementation of SGML. OpenSP is a command-line
application and a set of components, including a generic API.

Version: 1.5.2

General Commands

nsgmls alias for onsgmls
onsgmls An SGML/XML parser and validator
osgmlnorm An SGML/XML document normalizer
ospam An SGML/XML markup stream editor
ospcat SGML print catalog
ospent Concatenates entities in an SGML/XML document
osx An SGML to XML converter
sgml2xml alias for osx
sgmlnorm alias for osgmlnorm
spam alias for ospam
spent alias for ospent