Package OpenRC

OpenRC is a dependency-based init system

OpenRC is a dependency-based init system that works with the system-provided init program, normally /sbin/init. Currently, it does not have an init program of its own.

Version: 0.39

Library Functions

einfo colorful informational output
rc_config functions to query OpenRC service configurations
rc_deptree RC dependency tree functions
rc_find_pids finds the pids of processes that match the given criteria
rc_plugin_hook hooks plugins into OpenRC services
rc_runlevel RC runlevel functions
rc_service functions to query OpenRC services
rc_stringlist RC string list functions

System Administration

openrc stops and starts services for the specified runlevel
openrc-init the parent of all processes
openrc-run a means of hooking shell commands into a service
openrc-shutdown bring the system down
rc-service locate and run an OpenRC service with the given arguments
rc-sstat show status info about services supervised by s6 then rc-status info
rc-status show status info about runlevels
rc-update add and remove services to and from a runlevel
start-stop-daemon.openrc ensures that daemons start and stop
supervise-daemon starts a daemon and restarts it if it crashes