Package openldap-devel

LDAP development libraries and header files

The openldap-devel package includes the development libraries and
header files needed for compiling applications that use LDAP
(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) internals. LDAP is a set of
protocols for enabling directory services over the Internet. Install
this package only if you plan to develop or will need to compile
customized LDAP clients.
Library Functions
Library Function Description
lber-decode OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for decoding
lber-encode OpenLDAP LBER simplified Basic Encoding Rules library routines for encoding
lber-memory OpenLDAP LBER memory allocators
lber-sockbuf OpenLDAP LBER I/O infrastructure
lber-types OpenLDAP LBER types and allocation functions
ldap OpenLDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol API
ldap_abandon Abandon an LDAP operation in progress
ldap_add Perform an LDAP add operation
ldap_bind LDAP bind routines
ldap_compare Perform an LDAP compare operation.
ldap_control_create LDAP control manipulation routines
ldap_count_entries LDAP result entry parsing and counting routines
ldap_delete Perform an LDAP delete operation.
ldap_dup Duplicate and destroy LDAP session handles
ldap_extended_operation Extends the LDAP operations to the LDAP server.
ldap_first_attribute step through LDAP entry attributes
ldap_first_message Stepping through messages in a result chain
ldap_first_reference Stepping through continuation references in a result chain
ldap_get_dn LDAP DN handling routines
ldap_get_option LDAP option handling routines
ldap_get_values LDAP attribute value handling routines
ldap_init Initialize the LDAP library and open a connection to an LDAP server
ldap_memfree LDAP memory allocation routines
ldap_modify Perform an LDAP modify operation
ldap_modrdn Perform an LDAP modify RDN operation
ldap_parse_reference Extract referrals and controls from a reference message
ldap_parse_result Parsing results
ldap_parse_sort_control Decode the information returned from a search operation that used a server-side...
ldap_parse_vlv_control Decode the information returned from a search operation that used a VLV (virtual...
ldap_perror LDAP protocol error handling routines
ldap_rename Renames the specified entry.
ldap_result Wait for the result of an LDAP operation
ldap_search Perform an LDAP search operation
ldap_sort LDAP sorting routines (deprecated)
ldap_str2syntax Schema definition handling routines
ldap_sync LDAP sync routines
ldap_tls LDAP TLS initialization routines
ldap_url LDAP Uniform Resource Locator routines