Package openjdk-asmtools

Set of tools used to assemble / disassemble proper and improper Java .class files

AsmTools helps develop tools to create proper and improper Java .class files.
Aids various Java .class based testing and OpenJDK development applications.
Asmtools supports latest class file formats, in lock-step with JDK development.
AsmTools consist of a set of (Java class file) assembler/dis-assemblers:
* Jasm/Jdis:
An assembler language to provide Java-like declaration of member signatures,
providing Java VM specification compliant mnemonics for byte-code instructions.
* JCod/JDec:
An assembler language to provide byte-code containers of class-file constructs.

Version: 8.0.b09

General Commands

openjdk-asmtools To develop tools create proper & improper Java '.class' files