Package opengrm-ngram-tools

Command-line tools for working with n-gram language models

This package contains command-line tools that give access to OpenGrm
NGram library functionality.

General Commands
Command Description
ngramapply intersect n-gram model with FST archive
ngramcontext generate a context set from an input LM
ngramcount count n-grams from an input FAR file
ngramhisttest compile and test equality of HistogramArc models
ngraminfo show n-gram information
ngrammake make n-gram model from FST with raw counts
ngrammarginalize apply smoothed marginalization constraints to a model
ngrammerge merge n-gram models
ngramperplexity calculate perplexity of a FAR using a model
ngramprint print n-gram counts and models
ngramrandgen generate random sentences from a language model
ngramrandtest generate random data/models
ngramread transform text formats to FST
ngramshrink shrink n-gram model using pruning criteria
ngramsort sort an n-gram LM in lexicographic state context order
ngramsplit split an n-gram model based on context patterns
ngramsymbols derive a symbols table from a corpus
ngramtransfer transfer n-grams from model to model