Package openfst-tools

Command-line tools for working with FSTs

This package contains command-line tools that give access to OpenFst

General Commands
Command Description
farcompilestrings store compiled FSTs in a finite-state archive
farcreate create a finite-state archive from input FSTs
farequal test if two finite-state archives have equal contents
farextract extract FSTs from a finite-state archive
farinfo query a finite-state archive
farisomorphic test if the FSTs in two finite-state archives are isomorphic
farprintstrings print FSTs in a finite-state archive as strings
fstarcsort sort arcs of an FST
fstclosure create the Kleene closure of an FST
fstcompile compile text FSTs to binary FSTs
fstcompose compose two FSTs
fstcompress compress and decompress FSTs
fstconcat concatenate two FSTs
fstconnect remove useless states and arcs from an FST
fstconvert convert an FST to another type
fstdeterminize determinize an FST
fstdifference subtract an unweighted DFA from an FSA
fstdisambiguate disambiguate an FST
fstdraw print an FST in DOT format
fstencode encode transducer labels or weights
fstepsnormalize epsilon normalize an FST
fstequal determine whether two FSTs are equal
fstequivalent determine whether two DFAs are equivalent
fstinfo show information about an FST
fstintersect compute the intersection of two FSAs.
fstinvert invert a transduction
fstisomorphic determine whether two FSTs are equal
fstlinear compile to a linear FST
fstloglinearapply apply an FST to a log-linear model
fstmap map an operation over an FST
fstminimize minimize a deterministic FST
fstprint print an FST in simple text format
fstproject project a transduction onto its input or output language
fstprune prune states and arcs of an FST
fstpush push weights or labels in an FST
fstrandgen generate random paths through an FST
fstrandmod generate a random FST
fstrelabel relabel an FST
fstreplace replace FST arcs with other FSTs
fstreverse reverse the paths in an FST
fstreweight reweight an FST
fstrmepsilon remove epsilons from an FST
fstshortestdistance find shortest distances in an FST
fstshortestpath find shortest paths in an FST
fstsymbols manipulate FST symbol tables
fstsynchronize synchronize an FST
fsttopsort topologically sort an FST
fstunion create the union of two FSTs
mpdtcompose compose an MPDT and an FST
mpdtexpand expand a MPDT as an FST
mpdtinfo show information about an MPDT
mpdtreverse reverse an MPDT
pdtcompose compose a PDT and an FST
pdtexpand expand a PDT as an FST
pdtinfo show information about a PDT
pdtreplace convert an RTN into a PDT
pdtreverse reverse a PDT
pdtshortestpath find the shortest path in a PDT