Package opendnssec

DNSSEC key and zone management software

OpenDNSSEC was created as an open-source turn-key solution for DNSSEC.
It secures zone data just before it is published in an authoritative
name server. It requires a PKCS#11 crypto module library, such as softhsm

General Commands
Command Description
ods-hsmspeed OpenDNSSEC HSM speed tester
ods-hsmutil OpenDNSSEC HSM utility
ods-kaspcheck Performs a sanity check of the policy for OpenDNSSEC
ods-ksmutil OpenDNSSEC zone and key management
File Formats
File Description
ods-timing OpenDNSSEC timing specification
Name Description
opendnssec making DNSSEC easy for DNS administrators
System Administration
Command Description
ods-control OpenDNSSEC control utility
ods-enforcerd OpenDNSSEC Policy Enforcer daemon
ods-getconf OpenDNSSEC get configuration values
ods-signer OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine client
ods-signerd OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine daemon