Package opendbx-devel

Development files for opendbx

The opendbx-devel package contains libraries and header files for developing
applications that use opendbx.

Version: 1.4.6

Library Functions

OpenDBX OpenDBX C++ API.
OpenDBX_Conn Encapsulates a connection to a database.
OpenDBX_Exception Exceptions thrown by the OpenDBX classes.
OpenDBX_Lob Handling large objects if supported by the database.
OpenDBX_Result Provides result sets from the database.
OpenDBX_Stmt Statement object.
odbx_bind User authentication for a database connection
odbx_capabilities Query implemented capabilities
odbx_column_count Get the number of columns in the current result set
odbx_column_name Get the name of a column in the current result set
odbx_column_type Returns the SQL data type of a column in the current result set
odbx_error Returns a human readable error message
odbx_error_type Returns the severity of an error
odbx_escape Prepare strings for inclusion in statements
odbx_field_length Returns the length of a field value
odbx_field_value Returns the data stored in a field
odbx_finish Frees connection resources
odbx_get_option Query backend for implemented options
odbx_init Allocate per connection data structures
odbx_lo_close Closes a large object reference
odbx_lo_open Opens a large object in the database
odbx_lo_read Reads content from a large object
odbx_lo_write Writes buffer content into the large object
odbx_query Send a statement to the database server
odbx_result Retrieves a result set from the database server
odbx_result_finish Closes the result set and frees its allocated memory
odbx_row_fetch Retrieve rows from the result set
odbx_rows_affected Returns the number of changed records
odbx_set_option Change behaviour of the database backend
odbx_unbind Disconnects from the database