Package opam

Source-based package manager for OCaml

Opam is a source-based package manager for OCaml. It supports multiple
simultaneous compiler installations, flexible package constraints, and
a Git-friendly development workflow.

Version: 2.1.3

See also: opam-installer.

General Commands

opam source-based package management
opam-admin Tools for repository administrators
opam-admin-add-constraint Adds version constraints on all dependencies towards a given package
opam-admin-add-hashes Add archive hashes to an opam repository.
opam-admin-cache Fills a local cache of package archives
opam-admin-check Runs some consistency checks on a repository
opam-admin-filter Filters a repository to only keep selected packages
opam-admin-help Display help about opam admin and opam admin subcommands.
opam-admin-index Generate an inclusive index file for serving over HTTP.
opam-admin-lint Runs 'opam lint' and reports on a whole repository
opam-admin-list Lists packages from a repository
opam-admin-make An alias for index.
opam-admin-upgrade Upgrades repository from earlier opam versions.
opam-clean Cleans up opam caches
opam-config Display configuration options for packages.
opam-env Prints appropriate shell variable assignments to stdout
opam-exec Executes a command in the proper opam environment
opam-help Display help about opam and opam commands.
opam-info An alias for show.
opam-init Initialize opam state, or set init options.
opam-install Install a list of packages.
opam-lint Checks and validate package description ('opam') files.
opam-list Display the list of available packages.
opam-lock Create locked opam files to share build environments across hosts.
opam-option Global and switch configuration options settings
opam-pin Pin a given package to a specific version or source.
opam-reinstall Reinstall a list of packages.
opam-remote An alias for repository.
opam-remove Remove a list of packages.
opam-repository Manage opam repositories.
opam-search An alias for list --search.
opam-show Display information about specific packages.
opam-source Get the source of an opam package.
opam-switch Manage multiple installation prefixes.
opam-uninstall An alias for remove.
opam-unpin An alias for pin remove.
opam-update Update the list of available packages.
opam-upgrade Upgrade the installed package to latest version.
opam-var Display and update the value associated with a given variable