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Package oidc-agent-cli

Command line tool for obtaining OpenID Connect tokens


oidc-agent is a set of tools to manage OpenID Connect tokens and make
them easily usable from the command line. These tools follow ssh-agent
design, so OIDC tokens can be handled in a similar way as ssh keys.
The agent stores multiple configurations and their associated refresh
tokens securely.

This tool consists of five programs:
  - oidc-agent that handles communication with the OIDC provider
  - oidc-gen that generates config files
  - oidc-add that loads (and unloads) configuration into the agent
  - oidc-token that can be used to get access token on the command line
  - oidc-key-chain that re-uses oidc-agent across logins

Version: 5.1.0

General Commands

oidc-add adds account configurations to oidc-agent
oidc-agent OIDC token agent
oidc-agent-service easily restart oidc-agent throughout a session
oidc-gen generates account configurations for oidc-agent
oidc-keychain re-uses oidc-agent across logins
oidc-token gets OIDC access token from oidc-agent