Package ocfs2-tools

Tools for managing the Oracle Cluster Filesystem 2

Programs to manage the OCFS2 cluster file system, including mkfs.ocfs2,
tunefs.ocfs2 and fsck.ocfs2.

OCFS2 is a general purpose extent based shared disk cluster file
system. It supports 64 bit inode numbers, and has automatically
extending metadata groups which may also make it attractive for
non-clustered use. OCFS2 leverages some well tested kernel
technologies, such as JBD - the same journaling subsystem in use by

Version: 1.8.7

General Commands

o2info Show OCFS2 file system information.

File Formats

o2cb.sysconfig Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.
ocfs2.cluster.conf Cluster configuration file for the o2cb cluster stack.


o2cb Default cluster stack of the OCFS2 file system.
ocfs2 A Shared-Disk Cluster File System for Linux

System Administration

debugfs.ocfs2 OCFS2 file system debugger.
defragfs.ocfs2 online defragmenter for ocfs2 filesystem
fsck.ocfs2 Check an OCFS2 file system.
fsck.ocfs2.checks Consistency checks that fsck.ocfs2(8) performs and its means for fixing inconsistencies.
mkfs.ocfs2 Creates an OCFS2 file system.
mount.ocfs2 mount an OCFS2 filesystem
mounted.ocfs2 Detects all OCFS2 volumes on a system.
o2cb Cluster registration utility for the O2CB cluster stack.
o2cb_ctl Control program for the O2CB cluster service.
o2cluster Change cluster stack stamped on an OCFS2 file system.
o2hbmonitor Monitors disk heartbeat in the O2CB cluster stack
o2image Copy or restore OCFS2 file system meta-data
ocfs2_hb_ctl Starts and stops the O2CB local heartbeat on a given device.
tunefs.ocfs2 Change OCFS2 file system parameters.