Package ocaml-dune

A composable build system for OCaml

Dune is a build system designed for OCaml/Reason projects only. It focuses
on providing the user with a consistent experience and takes care of most of
the low-level details of OCaml compilation. All you have to do is provide a
description of your project and Dune will do the rest.

The scheme it implements is inspired from the one used inside Jane Street and
adapted to the open source world. It has matured over a long time and is used
daily by hundred of developers, which means that it is highly tested and

General Commands
Command Description
dune composable build system for OCaml
dune-build Build the given targets, or all installable targets if none are given.
dune-clean Clean the project.
dune-compute Compute internal function.
dune-exec Execute a command in a similar environment as if installation was performed.
dune-external-lib-deps Print out external libraries needed to build the given targets.
dune-format-dune-file Format dune files
dune-help Additional Dune help
dune-init Initialize dune components
dune-install Install packages.
dune-installed-libraries Print out libraries installed on the system.
dune-printenv Print the environment of a directory
dune-promote Promote files from the last run
dune-rules Dump internal rules.
dune-runtest Run tests.
dune-subst Substitute watermarks in source files.
dune-uninstall Uninstall packages.
dune-upgrade Upgrade jbuilder projects to dune
dune-utop Load library in utop
File Formats
File Description
dune-config configuring the dune build system