Package ocaml-docs

Documentation for OCaml

OCaml is a high-level, strongly-typed, functional and object-oriented
programming language from the ML family of languages.

This package contains man pages.

General Commands
Command Description
ocaml The OCaml interactive toplevel
ocamlc The OCaml bytecode compiler
ocamlcp The OCaml profiling compilers
ocamldebug the OCaml source-level replay debugger.
ocamldep Dependency generator for OCaml
ocamldoc The OCaml documentation generator
ocamllex The OCaml lexer generator
ocamlmktop Building custom toplevel systems
ocamlopt The OCaml native-code compiler
ocamlprof The OCaml profiler
ocamlrun The OCaml bytecode interpreter
ocamlyacc The OCaml parser generator
Library Functions
Library Function Description
Arg.3o Parsing of command line arguments.
Array.3o Array operations.
ArrayLabels.3o Array operations.
Ast_helper.3o Helpers to produce Parsetree fragments
Ast_helper.Cf.3o Class fields
Ast_helper.Ci.3o Classes
Ast_helper.Cl.3o Class expressions
Ast_helper.Const.3o no description
Ast_helper.Csig.3o Class signatures
Ast_helper.Cstr.3o Class structures
Ast_helper.Ctf.3o Class type fields
Ast_helper.Cty.3o Class type expressions
Ast_helper.Exp.3o Expressions
Ast_helper.Incl.3o Includes
Ast_helper.Mb.3o Module bindings
Ast_helper.Md.3o Module declarations
Ast_helper.Mod.3o Module expressions
Ast_helper.Mtd.3o Module type declarations
Ast_helper.Mty.3o Module type expressions
Ast_helper.Opn.3o Opens
Ast_helper.Pat.3o Patterns
Ast_helper.Sig.3o Signature items
Ast_helper.Str.3o Structure items
Ast_helper.Te.3o Type extensions
Ast_helper.Typ.3o Type expressions
Ast_helper.Type.3o Type declarations
Ast_helper.Val.3o Value declarations
Ast_helper.Vb.3o Value bindings
Ast_invariants.3o Check AST invariants
Ast_iterator.3o Ast_iterator.iterator allows to implement AST inspection using open recursion.
Ast_mapper.3o The interface of a -ppx rewriter
Asttypes.3o Auxiliary AST types used by parsetree and typedtree.
Attr_helper.3o Helpers for attributes
Bigarray.3o Large, multi-dimensional, numerical arrays.
Bigarray.Array0.3o Zero-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array1.3o One-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array2.3o Two-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Array3.3o Three-dimensional arrays.
Bigarray.Genarray.3o no description
Buffer.3o Extensible buffers.
Builtin_attributes.3o no description
Bytes.3o Byte sequence operations.
BytesLabels.3o Byte sequence operations.
Callback.3o Registering OCaml values with the C runtime.
CamlinternalFormat.3o no description
CamlinternalFormatBasics.3o no description
CamlinternalLazy.3o Run-time support for lazy values.
CamlinternalMod.3o Run-time support for recursive modules.
CamlinternalOO.3o Run-time support for objects and classes.
Char.3o Character operations.
Complex.3o Complex numbers.
Depend.3o Module dependencies.
Depend.StringMap.3o no description
Depend.StringSet.3o no description
Digest.3o MD5 message digest.
Docstrings.3o Documentation comments
Ephemeron.3o Ephemerons and weak hash table
Ephemeron.GenHashTable.3o no description
Ephemeron.GenHashTable.MakeSeeded.3o Functor building an implementation of an hash table that use the container for...
Ephemeron.K1.3o no description
Ephemeron.K1.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table
Ephemeron.K1.MakeSeeded.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table.
Ephemeron.K2.3o no description
Ephemeron.K2.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table
Ephemeron.K2.MakeSeeded.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table.
Ephemeron.Kn.3o no description
Ephemeron.Kn.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table
Ephemeron.Kn.MakeSeeded.3o Functor building an implementation of a weak hash table.
Ephemeron.S.3o The output signature of the functor Ephemeron.K1.Make and Ephemeron.K2.Make.
Ephemeron.SeededS.3o The output signature of the functor Ephemeron.K1.MakeSeeded and...
Filename.3o Operations on file names.
Format.3o Pretty-printing.
Gc.3o Memory management control and statistics; finalised values.
Genlex.3o A generic lexical analyzer.
Hashtbl.3o Hash tables and hash functions.
Hashtbl.HashedType.3o The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.3o Functor building an implementation of the hashtable structure.
Hashtbl.S.3o The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.Make.
Hashtbl.SeededHashedType.3o The input signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
Hashtbl.SeededS.3o The output signature of the functor Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.
Int32.3o 32-bit integers.
Int64.3o 64-bit integers.
Lazy.3o Deferred computations.
Lexer.3o no description
Lexing.3o The run-time library for lexers generated by ocamllex.
List.3o List operations.
ListLabels.3o List operations.
Location.3o Source code locations (ranges of positions), used in parsetree.
Longident.3o Long identifiers, used in parsetree.
Map.3o Association tables over ordered types.
Map.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of the map structure given a totally ordered...
Map.OrderedType.3o Input signature of the functor Map.Make.
Map.S.3o Output signature of the functor Map.Make.
Marshal.3o Marshaling of data structures.
MoreLabels.3o Extra labeled libraries.
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.HashedType.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.Make.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.MakeSeeded.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.S.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededHashedType.3o no description
MoreLabels.Hashtbl.SeededS.3o no description
MoreLabels.Map.3o no description
MoreLabels.Map.Make.3o no description
MoreLabels.Map.OrderedType.3o no description
MoreLabels.Map.S.3o no description
MoreLabels.Set.3o no description
MoreLabels.Set.Make.3o no description
MoreLabels.Set.OrderedType.3o no description
MoreLabels.Set.S.3o no description
Nativeint.3o Processor-native integers.
Obj.3o Operations on internal representations of values.
Obj.Ephemeron.3o no description
Oo.3o Operations on objects
Parse.3o Entry points in the parser
Parser.3o no description
Parsetree.3o Abstract syntax tree produced by parsing
Parsing.3o The run-time library for parsers generated by ocamlyacc.
Pervasives.3o The initially opened module.
Pervasives.LargeFile.3o Operations on large files.
Pprintast.3o no description
Printast.3o no description
Printexc.3o Facilities for printing exceptions and inspecting current call stack.
Printexc.Slot.3o no description
Printf.3o Formatted output functions.
Queue.3o First-in first-out queues.
Random.3o Pseudo-random number generators (PRNG).
Random.State.3o no description
Scanf.3o Formatted input functions.
Scanf.Scanning.3o no description
Set.3o Sets over ordered types.
Set.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of the set structure given a totally ordered...
Set.OrderedType.3o Input signature of the functor Set.Make.
Set.S.3o Output signature of the functor Set.Make.
Sort.3o Sorting and merging lists.
Spacetime.3o Profiling of a program's space behaviour over time.
Spacetime.Series.3o no description
Spacetime.Snapshot.3o no description
Stack.3o Last-in first-out stacks.
StdLabels.3o Standard labeled libraries.
StdLabels.Array.3o no description
StdLabels.Bytes.3o no description
StdLabels.List.3o no description
StdLabels.String.3o no description
Str.3o Regular expressions and high-level string processing
Stream.3o Streams and parsers.
String.3o String operations.
StringLabels.3o String operations.
Syntaxerr.3o Auxiliary type for reporting syntax errors
Sys.3o System interface.
Uchar.3o Unicode characters.
Unix.3o Interface to the Unix system.
Unix.LargeFile.3o File operations on large files.
Weak.3o Arrays of weak pointers and hash sets of weak pointers.
Weak.Make.3o Functor building an implementation of the weak hash set structure.
Weak.S.3o The output signature of the functor Weak.Make.