Package obnam

An easy, secure backup program

Obnam is an easy, secure backup program. Backups can be stored on
local hard disks, or online via the SSH SFTP protocol. The backup
server, if used, does not require any special software, on top of SSH.

Some features that may interest you:

 * Snapshot backups. Every generation looks like a complete snapshot,
   so you don't need to care about full versus incremental backups, or
   rotate real or virtual tapes.

 * Data de-duplication, across files, and backup generations. If the
   backup repository already contains a particular chunk of data, it
   will be re-used, even if it was in another file in an older backup
   generation. This way, you don't need to worry about moving around
   large files, or modifying them.

 * Encrypted backups, using GnuPG.

Obnam can do push or pull backups, depending on what you need. You can
run Obnam on the client, and push backups to the server, or on the
server, and pull from the client over SFTP. However, access to live
data over SFTP is currently somewhat limited and fragile, so it is not
General Commands
Command Description
obnam make, restore, and manipulate backups
obnam-viewprof show Python profiler output