Package nwsclient

NetWorkSpaces Client for Python

NetWorkSpaces (NWS) is a powerful, open-source software package that makes it
easy to use clusters from within scripting languages like Python, R, and
Matlab. It uses a Space-based approach, similar to JavaSpaces (TM) for example,
that makes it easier to write distributed applications.

NetWorkSpaces for Python is the Python API to the NetWorkSpaces server. It
allows different Python scripts to communicate and coordinate with each other,
and (with some restrictions) with scripts written in other languages, such as
R and Matlab. The restriction is that only strings can be passed between
different languages. NetWorkSpaces doesn't provide a standard way to serialize
objects between different languages, but by allowing strings to be used,
programmers can choose their own mechanism (XML or YAML, for example).

General Commands
Command Description
PythonNWSSleighWorker Executes the Python NWS Sleigh Worker
pybabelfish convert Python objects into human-readable strings
pybabelfishd convert Python objects into human-readable strings