Package nvme-stas

NVMe STorage Appliance Services

nvme-stas is a Central Discovery Controller (CDC) client for Linux. It
handles Asynchronous Event Notifications (AEN), Automated NVMe subsystem
connection controls, Error handling and reporting, and Automatic (zeroconf)
and Manual configuration. nvme-stas is composed of two daemons:
stafd (STorage Appliance Finder) and stacd (STorage Appliance Connector).

Version: 2.1.2

General Commands

stacctl STorage Appliance Connector (STAC) utility program
stafctl STorage Appliance Finder (STAF) utility program
stasadm STorage Appliance Services admin functions

File Formats

org.nvmexpress.stac org.nvmexpress.stac
org.nvmexpress.stac.debug org.nvmexpress.stac.debug
org.nvmexpress.staf org.nvmexpress.staf
org.nvmexpress.staf.debug org.nvmexpress.staf.debug
stacd.conf stacd(8) configuration file
stafd.conf stafd(8) configuration file
sys.conf nvme-stas(7) configuration file


nvme-stas NVMe over Fabrics STorage Appliance Services

System Administration

stacd STorage Appliance Connector
stacd.service stacd.service
stafd STorage Appliance Finder
stafd.service stafd.service
stas-config@.service stas-config@.service