Package nut-devel

Development files for NUT Client

This package contains the development header files and libraries
necessary to develop NUT client applications.

Version: 2.8.2

See also: nut, nut-cgi, nut-client, nut-xml.

Library Functions

libnutclient Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_commands Instant command related functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_devices Device related functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_general General and utility functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_misc Miscellaneous functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_tcp TCP protocol related function for Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
libnutclient_variables Variable related functions in Network UPS Tools high-level client access library
nutclient_authenticate alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_destroy alias for libnutclient_general
nutclient_device_forced_shutdown alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_device_login alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_device_master alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_execute_device_command alias for libnutclient_commands
nutclient_get_device_command_description alias for libnutclient_commands
nutclient_get_device_commands alias for libnutclient_commands
nutclient_get_device_description alias for libnutclient_devices
nutclient_get_device_num_logins alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_get_device_rw_variables alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_get_device_variable_description alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_get_device_variable_values alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_get_device_variables alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_get_devices alias for libnutclient_devices
nutclient_has_device alias for libnutclient_devices
nutclient_has_device_command alias for libnutclient_commands
nutclient_has_device_variable alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_logout alias for libnutclient_misc
nutclient_set_device_variable_value alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_set_device_variable_values alias for libnutclient_variables
nutclient_tcp_create_client alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutclient_tcp_disconnect alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutclient_tcp_get_timeout alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutclient_tcp_is_connected alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutclient_tcp_reconnect alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutclient_tcp_set_timeout alias for libnutclient_tcp
nutscan Network UPS Tools (NUT) device discovery library
nutscan_add_commented_option_to_device alias for nutscan_add_option_to_device
nutscan_add_device_to_device Concatenate two devices structure.
nutscan_add_option_to_device Add option data to the specified device.
nutscan_cidr_to_ip Convert a CIDR IP to a range of IP address.
nutscan_display_parsable Display the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure on stdout.
nutscan_display_sanity_check Display sanity check warnings about the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure on stdout.
nutscan_display_sanity_check_serial Display sanity check warnings about "serial" (serial number/code string) optional values in the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure on stdout.
nutscan_display_ups_conf Display the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure on stdout.
nutscan_display_ups_conf_with_sanity_check Display the specified `nutscan_device_t` structure and sanity-check warnings on stdout.
nutscan_free_device Free a `nutscan_device_t` structure created by `nutscan_new_device`.
nutscan_get_serial_ports_list Get a port list name from a range of port.
nutscan_init Initialize the nutscan library.
nutscan_new_device Create a new nutscan_device_t structure.
nutscan_scan_avahi Scan network for NUT services via mDNS
nutscan_scan_eaton_serial Scan serial ports for Eaton devices (XCP, SHUT and Q1).
nutscan_scan_ipmi Scan local IPMI devices.
nutscan_scan_nut Scan network for available NUT services.
nutscan_scan_nut_simulation Scan your sysconfig directory for NUT simulation devices.
nutscan_scan_snmp Scan network for SNMP devices.
nutscan_scan_usb Scan NUT compatible USB devices.
nutscan_scan_xml_http_range Scan network for XML/HTTP devices.
upscli_add_host_cert Register a security rule for an host.
upscli_cleanup Clean-up upsclient module after usage.
upscli_connect Open a connection to a NUT upsd
upscli_disconnect disconnect from a UPS server
upscli_fd Get file descriptor for connection
upscli_get retrieve data from an UPS
upscli_init Initialize upsclient module specifying security properties.
upscli_list_next retrieve list items from a UPS
upscli_list_start begin multi-item retrieval from a UPS
upscli_readline read a single response from a UPS
upscli_readline_timeout alias for upscli_readline
upscli_sendline send a single command to a UPS
upscli_sendline_timeout alias for upscli_sendline
upscli_splitaddr split a listening address into its components
upscli_splitname split a UPS definition into its components
upscli_ssl Check SSL mode for current connection
upscli_strerror return string describing error condition
upscli_upserror Get current error number for connection
upsclient Network UPS Tools client access library