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Package nut

Network UPS Tools


These programs are part of a developing project to monitor the assortment
of UPSes that are found out there in the field. Many models have serial
ports of some kind that allow some form of state checking. This
capability has been harnessed where possible to allow for safe shutdowns,
live status tracking on web pages, and more.


See also: nut-cgi, nut-client, nut-devel, nut-xml.

File Formats

ups.conf UPS definitions for Network UPS Tools
upsd.conf Configuration for Network UPS Tools upsd
upsd.users Administrative user definitions for NUT upsd

System Administration

adelsystem_cbi Driver for the ADELSYSTEM CB/CBI DC-UPS
al175 Driver for Eltek UPS models with AL175 alarm module
apc_modbus Driver for APC Smart-UPS Modbus protocol
apcsmart Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment
apcsmart-old Driver for American Power Conversion Smart Protocol UPS equipment
apcupsd-ups Driver for apcupsd client access
asem driver for UPS in ASEM PB1300
bcmxcp Driver for UPSes supporting the serial BCM/XCP protocol
bcmxcp_usb Experimental driver for UPSes supporting the BCM/XCP protocol over USB
belkin Driver for Belkin serial UPS equipment
belkinunv Driver for Belkin "Universal UPS" and compatible
bestfcom Driver for Best Power Fortress/Ferrups
bestfortress Driver for old Best Fortress UPS equipment
bestuferrups Driver for Best Power Micro-Ferrups
bestups Driver for Best Power / SOLA (Phoenixtec protocol) UPS equipment
bicker_ser Driver for Bicker DC UPS via serial port connections
blazer_ser Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial based UPS equipment
blazer_usb Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol USB based UPS equipment
clone UPS driver clone
dummy-ups Driver for multi-purpose UPS emulation
etapro Driver for ETA UPS equipment
everups Driver for Ever UPS models
gamatronic Driver for Gamatronic UPS equipment
generic_modbus Driver for contact (direct) signal UPS devices connected via modbus remote I/O gateways
genericups Driver for contact-closure UPS equipment
huawei-ups2000 Driver for Huawei UPS2000 (1kVA-3kVA) UPS with USB or RS-232 serial Modbus connection.
hwmon_ina219 driver for UPS based on INA219
isbmex Driver for ISBMEX UPS equipment
ivtscd driver for the IVT Solar Controller Device
liebert Driver for Liebert contact-closure UPS equipment
liebert-esp2 Driver for Liebert UPS, using the ESP-II serial protocol
masterguard Driver for Masterguard UPS equipment
metasys Driver for Meta System UPS equipment
mge-shut Driver for SHUT Protocol UPS equipment
mge-utalk Driver for MGE UPS SYSTEMS UTalk protocol equipment
microdowell Driver for Microdowell Enterprise UPS series
microsol-apc Driver for APC Back-UPS BR UPS equipment
nut-driver-enumerator tool to map NUT device entries to service instances
nut-ipmipsu Driver for IPMI Power Supply Units (PSU)
nut-recorder utility to record device status and values changes
nut-scanner scan communication buses for NUT devices
nutconf NUT configuration tool
nutdrv_atcl_usb Driver for 'ATCL FOR UPS' equipment
nutdrv_qx Driver for Q* protocol serial and USB based UPS equipment
nutdrv_siemens_sitop driver for the Siemens SITOP UPS500 series UPS
nutupsdrv generic manual for unified NUT drivers
oneac Driver for Oneac UPS equipment
optiups Driver for Opti-UPS (Viewsonic) UPS and Zinto D (ONLINE-USV) equipment
phoenixcontact_modbus Driver for Phoenix Contact
pijuice driver for UPS in PiJuice HAT
powercom UPS driver for serial Powercom/Trust/Advice UPS equipment
powerpanel Driver for serial PowerPanel Plus compatible UPS equipment
rhino Driver for Brazilian Microsol RHINO UPS equipment
richcomm_usb Driver UPS equipment using Richcomm dry-contact to USB solution
riello_ser Driver for Riello UPS Protocol UPS equipment via serial port connections
riello_usb Driver for Riello UPS Protocol UPS equipment via USB
safenet Driver for SafeNet compatible UPS equipment
sms_ser Driver for SMS UPS Protocol 1Phase.
snmp-ups Multi-MIB Driver for SNMP UPS equipment
sockdebug simple developer/troubleshooting aid utility to communicate with a NUT driver using the socket protocol
socomec_jbus Driver for Socomec JBUS UPS with RS-232 serial Modbus connection.
solis Driver for Brazilian Microsol SOLIS UPS equipment
tripplite Driver for Tripp-Lite SmartPro UPS equipment
tripplite_usb Driver for older Tripp Lite USB UPSes (not PDC HID)
tripplitesu Driver for Tripp-Lite SmartOnline (SU) UPS equipment
upscode2 Driver for UPScode II compatible UPS equipment
upsd UPS information server
upsdrvctl UPS driver controller
upsdrvsvcctl UPS driver service instance controller
usbhid-ups Driver for USB/HID UPS equipment
victronups Driver for IMV/Victron UPS unit Match, Match Lite, NetUps