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Package ntpsec

NTP daemon and utilities


NTPsec is a more secure and improved implementation of the Network Time
Protocol derived from the original NTP project.

Version: 1.2.3

General Commands

ntpdig standard Simple Network Time Protocol client program
ntplogtemp log temperature data
ntpmon real-time NTP status monitor
ntpq standard NTP query program
ntpsweep print various information about given NTP servers
ntptrace trace peers of an NTP server
ntpviz make visualizations of offset, jitter, etc. from stats file data

File Formats

ntp.conf Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon configuration file format
ntp.keys NTP symmetric key file format

System Administration

ntpd Network Time Protocol service daemon
ntpfrob frob the clock hardware
ntpkeygen create and manage NTP host keys
ntpleapfetch leap-seconds file manager/updater
ntpsnmpd NTP Simple Network Management Protocol sub-agent
ntptime read and set kernel time variables
ntpwait wait for ntpd to stabilize the system clock