Package notmuch

System for indexing, searching, and tagging email

Fast system for indexing, searching, and tagging email.  Even if you
receive 12000 messages per month or have on the order of millions of
messages that you've been saving for decades, Notmuch will be able to
quickly search all of it.

Notmuch is not much of an email program. It doesn't receive messages
(no POP or IMAP support). It doesn't send messages (no mail composer,
no network code at all). And for what it does do (email search) that
work is provided by an external library, Xapian. So if Notmuch
provides no user interface and Xapian does all the heavy lifting, then
what's left here? Not much.

See also: notmuch-mutt.

General Commands
Command Description
notmuch thread-based email index, search, and tagging
notmuch-address output addresses from matching messages
notmuch-compact compact the notmuch database
notmuch-config access notmuch configuration file
notmuch-count count messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-dump creates a plain-text dump of the tags of each message
notmuch-insert add a message to the maildir and notmuch database
notmuch-new incorporate new mail into the notmuch database
notmuch-reindex re-index matching messages
notmuch-reply constructs a reply template for a set of messages
notmuch-restore restores the tags from the given file (see notmuch dump)
notmuch-search search for messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-setup alias for notmuch
notmuch-show show messages matching the given search terms
notmuch-tag add/remove tags for all messages matching the search terms
File Formats
File Description
notmuch-hooks hooks for notmuch
Name Description
notmuch-properties notmuch message property conventions and documentation
notmuch-search-terms syntax for notmuch queries