Package notcurses-devel

Development files for the Notcurses library

Version: 1.7.4

Library Functions

notcurses TUI library for modern terminal emulators
notcurses_capabilities runtime capability detection
notcurses_cell operations on notcurses cells
notcurses_channels operations on notcurses channels
notcurses_directmode minimal notcurses instances for styling text
notcurses_fade fade ncplanes in and out
notcurses_fds dumping file descriptors and subprocesses to planes
notcurses_init initialize a notcurses instance
notcurses_input input via notcurses
notcurses_lines operations on lines and boxes
notcurses_menu operations on menus
notcurses_metric fixed-width numeric output with metric suffixes
notcurses_multiselector high level widget for selecting from a set
notcurses_output output to ncplanes
notcurses_palette operations on notcurses palettes
notcurses_plane operations on ncplanes
notcurses_plot high level widget for plotting
notcurses_reader high level widget for collecting input
notcurses_reel high-level widget for hierarchical data
notcurses_refresh redraw an externally-damaged display
notcurses_render sync the physical display to the virtual ncplanes
notcurses_selector high level widget for selecting from a set
notcurses_stats notcurses runtime statistics
notcurses_stop free up resources and restore initial terminal state
notcurses_visual notcurses multimedia