Package nordugrid-arc-client

ARC command line interface

NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and
support of the free Grid middleware, known as the Advanced Resource
Connector (ARC).

For the regular user of any ARC-based computational grid,
this client package contains (or depends on) all packages
that are needed to submit jobs, query their status and
retrieve results.

General Commands
Command Description
arccat ARC Catenate
arcclean ARC Clean
arccp copy files
arcecho ARC echo client
arcget ARC Get
arcinfo ARC Info
arckill ARC Kill
arcls list files or directories
arcmkdir create directories
arcproxy ARC Credentials Proxy generation utility
arcrename rename file or directory
arcrenew ARC Proxy Renewal
arcresub ARC Resubmission
arcresume ARC Resume
arcrm delete files
arcstat ARC Status
arcsub ARC Submission
arcsync ARC Synchronize
arctest ARC Test Suite