Package nordugrid-arc-arex

ARC Resource-coupled EXecution service

NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and
support of the middleware, known as the Advanced Resource
Connector (ARC).

The ARC Resource-coupled EXecution service (AREX) is the Computing
Element of the ARC middleware. AREX offers a full-featured middle
layer to manage computational tasks including interfacing to local
batch systems, taking care of complex environments such as data
staging, data caching, software environment provisioning, information
collection and explosure, accounting information gathering and

General Commands
Command Description
arc-config-check checks the arc.conf for inconsistencies, known problems or bad taste.
arcctl Nordugrid ARC Computing Element Control Tool
cache-clean Administration tool for the A-REX cache.
cache-list List contents of the A-REX cache.
jura Job Usage Reporter of ARC
System Administration
Command Description
a-rex-backtrace-collect processes core file(s) generated by arched and produces backtrace(s).
arc-blahp-logger ARC authplugin to store BLAH accouting logs about FINISHED jobs
gm-delegations-converter converts delegations database between supported formats
gm-jobs displays information and manages current jobs handled by ARC middleware