Package nordugrid-arc-arex

ARC Remote EXecution service

NorduGrid is a collaboration aiming at development, maintenance and
support of the free Grid middleware, known as the Advanced Resource
Connector (ARC).

The ARC Remote EXecution service (AREX) provides a service for the
execution of compute jobs and the transfer of input or output data.

General Commands
Command Description
arc-config-check checks the arc.conf for inconsistencies, known problems or (in a future...
cache-clean Administration tool for the A-REX cache.
cache-list List contents of the A-REX cache.
jura Job Usage Reporter of ARC
System Administration
Command Description
a-rex-backtrace-collect processes core file(s) generated by arched and produces backtrace(s).
arc-blahp-logger ARC authplugin to store BLAH accouting logs about FINISHED jobs
arc-vomsac-check ARC VOMS AC-based queue policy enforcing plugin
gm-delegations-converter converts delegations database between supported formats
gm-jobs displays information and manages current jobs handled by ARC middleware