Package nnn

The missing terminal file browser for X

nnn is probably the fastest and most resource-sensitive (with all
its capabilities) file browser you have ever used. It's extremely flexible
too - integrates with your DE and favourite GUI utilities, works with
the desktop opener, supports bookmarks, has smart navigation shortcuts,
navigate-as-you-type mode, disk usage analyzer mode, comprehensive file
details and much more. nnn was initially forked from noice but is
significantly different today.

Cool things you can do with nnn:

 - open any file in the default desktop application or a custom one
 - navigate-as-you-type (search-as-you-type enabled even on directory switch)
 - check disk usage with number of files in current directory tree
 - run desktop search utility (gnome-search-tool or catfish) in any directory
 - copy absolute file paths to clipboard, spawn a terminal and use the paths
 - navigate instantly using shortcuts like ~, -, & or handy bookmarks
 - use cd ..... at chdir prompt to go to a parent directory
 - detailed file stats, media info, list and extract archives
 - pin a directory you may need to revisit and jump to it anytime
 - lock the current terminal after a specified idle time
 - change directory on exit

Version: 4.9

General Commands

nnn The unorthodox terminal file manager.