Package nmh

A capable MIME-email-handling system with a command-line interface

nmh is a collection of single-purpose programs that send, receive,
show, search, and otherwise manipulate emails, including MIME.
They combine well with other Unix programs, easing the development
of custom shorthand commands as shell scripts.
Optional GUI interfaces are provided by the external xmh and exmh
projects. nmh is a descendant of the RAND MH, Mail Handler, project.

Version: 1.8

General Commands

ali list nmh mail aliases
anno annotate nmh messages
burst explode digests into nmh messages
comp compose an nmh message
dist distribute an nmh message to additional addresses
flist list the number of nmh messages in given sequences
flists alias for flist
fmttest test programs in nmh's mh-format(5) language
fnext alias for new
folder set/list current nmh folder/message
folders alias for folder
forw forward nmh messages
fprev alias for new
inc incorporate new mail to an nmh folder
install-mh initialize the nmh environment
mark manipulate nmh message sequences
mh-mkstemp create a temporary file
mhbuild translate MIME composition drafts for nmh messages
mhfixmsg nmh's MIME-email rewriter with various transformations
mhical nmh's manipulator of iCalendar event requests
mhl produce formatted listings of nmh messages
mhlist list information about nmh MIME messages
mhlogin nmh login to external (OAuth) services
mhmail send or read mail non-interactively with nmh
mhn display/list/store nmh MIME messages
mhparam print nmh profile and context components
mhpath print full pathnames of nmh messages and folders
mhshow display nmh MIME messages
mhstore store contents of nmh MIME messages into files
msgchk nmh's check for incoming email
next show the next nmh message
packf pack messages in nmh folder into a single file
pick search nmh messages
prev show the previous nmh message
prompter nmh's prompting editor front-end
rcvdist asynchronously receive and distribute new email
rcvpack append an email from standard input to a file
rcvstore asynchronously incorporate mail into an nmh folder
rcvtty report new mail with nmh
refile file message in nmh folders
repl reply to an nmh message
rmf remove an nmh folder
rmm remove nmh messages
scan produce a summary listing of nmh messages
send send an nmh message
sendfiles send multiple files by MIME message with nmh
show display nmh messages
slocal asynchronously filter and deliver new mail to nmh
sortm sort nmh messages
unseen alias for new
whatnow prompting front-end for writing nmh messages
whom show to whom an nmh message would be sent

File Formats

mh-alias format of nmh email-address alias files
mh-draft draft folder facility for nmh message system
mh-folders storage format used by nmh message system
mh-format formatting language for nmh message system
mh-mail message format for nmh message system
mh-profile user customization for nmh message handler
mh-sequence sequence specification for nmh message system
mh-tailor mail transport configuration for nmh message handler
mh_profile alias for mh-profile
mts.conf alias for mh-tailor


MH alias for nmh
mh-chart chart of all nmh commands and their options
mh-mime overview of nmh MIME message composition and display
nmh overview of the new MH message system

System Administration

ap nmh parser of RFC 822-style addresses
dp nmh parser of RFC 822-style dates
fmtdump decode nmh's mh-format(5) files
post deliver an nmh message